The elephant in the room . . .

Isn't analyzing the actual draft choices made fun?

I've read responses that range from being of the opinion that Coach McD is the greatest football mind to hit Denver in quite a while to the one that says we need to jettison him before the weekend's over.  I've seen arguments both for and against each of the picks made so far, which has, in turn, shaped each of our opinions of Coach McD's competency.

Then it occurred to me: aren't we sort of like the blind men trying to identify the elephant only by touch.  It seems obvious to me that:

Coach McD, OC McCoy, and DC Nolan have a very specific vision of where they are going to take the Broncos.  They have very definite opinions as to what types of players they need in each position to bring that vision to life.  The choices on which veterans to keep, which to trade, which to release, as well as which players to draft this weekend are all predicated on that vision.

I'm not conviinced that we as fans have a full understanding of the vision that is driving Dove Valley.  Nor am I convinced (and I may be going against conventional thinking here) that we have any right to have that vision explained to us in detail at this time.  That to me would be equivalent to Mike Shanahan explaining in detail during a news conference on Tuesdays, what each of his first fifteen scripted plays were going to be on Sundays.

So, until Coach McD, McCoy and Nolan are able to get the players who will make up the roster in place, until they have been able to teach them the new offense and defense, until those players have been able to come together, learn together, gel, and put those schemes to effective use, we will have no valid basis for judging decisons that we don't fully understand.

Has Coach McD made unpopular choices?  Sure he has.  The nature of football is that we all have our favorite players and our view of how things should be done.  And when what the coach does impinges on our perspective, we are unhappy and unwiling to support him.  Has he made choices we don't understand?  Absolutely; we don't have his full vision sitting in front of us.  And given the ameobic nature of his offense and defense, it makes sense to get as many players who are versatile as possible (I've heard both those terms applied to Moreno and Smith today).

I've heard it said that Coach McD is untrustworthy and that the players left around cannot trust him.  Those statements, IMHO, run counter to what has been expressed by players in interviews so far in this off-season.  There seems to be an air of excitement, confidence and anticipation in the player's words and tones of voice.

So, I for one, am planning to suspend judgement until AFTER the 2009 season has had a chance to play out.  And, I'm planning to do what I've done since 1969 when my parents moved to Denver: root for the players, coaches and fans of the Broncos, irregardless of whether we're great, or lousy.

GO Broncos!!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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