Robert Ayers - Why so few sacks in college?

OK I liked most of our picks but I really am struggling with Ayers. Help me out here

A chap who is supposed to be one of the key men for getting at the QB he only got 3 sacks in his senior year. Now I don't know college football very well but that is not good is it?

Are there any Tennesse fans out there in Bronco land that can reassure me here? This guy has workout wonder written all over him.

I also notice this grading from - OK one opinion - but it hardly inspires confidence.

Pass Rush: Ayers is really not a good pass rusher, more the type that will pressure the pocket than seal the deal and close on the QB. He lacks that explosive first step off the snap, but can vary his speed to get the offensive tackle off kilter. In 2008, he showed better body control and hand usage to avoid blocks and work around them to put pressure on the pocket. He still needs to utilize his array of moves more often in order to be effective. He has developed enough quickness to pressure, but has problems when he has to play off blocks when working inside (strength issues). GRADE: 6.1

Closing on the QB: Ayers can put good pressure on the pocket once he clears his blocker, but does take a wide loop at times. He needs to play with more consistent aggression, as he gets too reliant on his hand punch and can be locked out when that fails. He can deliver a knockout blow on the quarterback when coming off the edge, but just lacks the sudden moves to close and his adequate initial step is not going to have great success beating beats the quicker blockers off the snap at the NFL level. GRADE: 5.4

Instincts/Recognition: Overall, Ayers is a good athlete, who looks to be developing physically, but still needs strength development. He is better locating the ball on the move than when playing in-line, where he can beat double teams, but will get taken down due to poor awareness sidestepping low blocks. His production is decent against the pass, but better against the run. He needs to locate the ball better when working down the line, but when he gets into the backfield, he can zero in on his target. He has improved his ability to sniff out the play, but struggles vs. the double teams in passing situations due to just average overall body strength. GRADE: 5.5

I'm very concerned by this pick. BPA average had him around #30. I think we really reached here. I would have been happier seeing him taken in the second.

Just as well I love the Moreno pick isn't it!


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