Horse Tracks 4/26/09


Good Morning, MHR! Just to recap if you were AWOL on the biggest day of the offseason (as I was), here were the Broncos' first-day selections: 1(12) RB Knowshon Moreno, 1(18) DE Robert Ayers, 2(37) CB Alphonso Smith, 2(48) FS Darcel McBath, 2(64) TE Richard Quinn. Denver traded today's two 3rd-rounders and their own 2010 1st-rounder to choose Smith and Quinn. They also received Pittsburgh's fourth-round choice (132) and still have Chicago's first-rounder in 2010 from the Jay Cutler trade.

Just looking at the pure value of the trades (since I missed the flow of the Draft), the going rate for a top-half 2nd-rounder in the current year is always a 1st-rounder the following year. As for the second trade, look at it this way - Denver moved up from 79 to 64, which is a move of 15 spots (pretty big). To do so, they moved back from 84 to 132 - sounds about right, to me.

DB - Here are the Broncos' articles on Moreno, Ayers, Smith, McBath and Quinn.

DB - Broncos TV shares Josh McDaniels' First-round and Day-1 pressers and also wraps up Day One.

DB - Here are links to the audio from the conference calls of Moreno, Ayers, Smith, McBath and Quinn.


DP - Mike Klis sums up Day 1.

DP - Jim Armstrong looks at what folks are saying about Robert Ayers.

DP - Krieger points out that McDaniels and Co. stuck to the board and took the best players rather than just fill needs (I couldn't agree more and applaud it).

DP - Woody doesn't like the choice of Knowshon.

DP - Klis and Jones offer draft notes, including the expectation that Tony Scheffler will not be traded today (if ever).

DP - Knowshon is apparently quite the bowler.

Y! - Here's the AP's take on the Broncos' first day.

NFL - I posted this yesterday, but take another look - Mike Mayock only had Eugene Monroe and Michael Crabtree ranked ahead of Robert Ayers and Knowshon Moreno.


KCS - Kent Babb profiles the Chefs' choice at #3, DE Tyson Jackson. Here is Jason Whitlock's take.

SBN - Although NFP is reporting that Matt Cassel has a new contract in Kansas City, Arrowhead Pride says, "Not so fast."

SDUT - Kevin Acee looks at the Dolts' first-round selection, DE Larry English. Nick Canepa offers his thoughts.

SFC - David White checks out Darrius Heyward-Bey, the Raiders' first-rounder.

NFL - Bucky Brooks analyzes each pick of the first round.

NFL - Gil Brandt looks at the best players still available.

CBS - Chad Reuter also looks at the stars of Day Two.

NFP - Mike Lombardi offers a few thoughts on Day One, including his dislike for the Broncos' trade up to get Alphonso Smith.

SI - Here are Don Banks' Day One impressions.

FOX - John Czarnecki and Peter Schrager evaluate each choice.

CBS - Pete Prisco grades out each pick. I have a feeling he only liked the Broncos' choice of Darcel McBath because he attributes the pick to the Seahawks.

FOX - Alex Marvez looks at 10 moves that surprised him yesterday. He wonders if the drafting of Alphonso Smith means Champ Bailey's days are numbered.

ESPN - Our man Bartlett already ripped this one apart, but John Clayton thinks he knows better than Josh McDaniels.

Enjoy Day Two, and I'll see you in the threads! Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!

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