Very few DLine draft picks.. is this good or bad?

I like our team's picks for the most part with the exception that I expected more defensive front seven picks. So I was a litte disappointed here... I think there are a few out there who may feel similarly, and since I do not know/see everything that the GM/HC do, I decided to turn to something I do have insight into, which would be player stats and bios =).

I compared our defensive front seven with those of the Patriots, Steelers (other 3-4s) as well as the Ravens (b/c their defense is so stellar). I looked at height and weight, and calculated the lbs/in for each player. I was curious how the average of all three of these categories compared between teams. I was also curious about players' years of NFL experience and took this average as well. Lastly I pulled draft position info, but I didnt really end up doing anything with this.. It varied widely, and sometimes I didn't find the info. If I got anything wrong please correct me, I was kind of trying to get this over with by the end.

Here's the summary...

(These are averages for all players listed on teams' rosters as DT, NT, DL, or DE)

Team Weight(lbs) Height(In) Lbs/in Experience
Broncos 294.77 75.46 3.91 3.31
Patriots 297.30 75.60 3.93 5.20
Ravens 299.60 75.00 4.00 4.80
Steelers 296.50 75.20 3.95 6.20

Looks like Broncos have the lowest average weight and lowest average lbs/in. Also, biggest thing that stands out to me is that we have the lowest average experience by far.

So... experience will come over time, and with Mike Nolan as new DC, I think many can be coached to greatness over the coming years.  Also worth noting, Denver had 14 players listed at these positions, whereas Pittsburgh, NE, and Baltimore each had 10. So we have some depth and options.

On the other hand, while intangibles matter with all players, physics matter too and defensive line needs weight and size to stop the run.

Since we can't do-over our draft and we have a big defensive roster as is, our guys need to put on some weight and get in the gym. Experience will come with time, and with a good DC, I think the coming years of experience will be meaningful ones.  So.... I guess I feel a little better after doing this analysis =). A feel a little (little) less like we missed out on a glaring need in the draft. That is provided that we add some weight in the offseason, which reports have stated McD is focused on doing.

PS If anyone's interested I can post all of the individual player info  for each team.. I just didn't want to post an overwhelming amount of info.. figured peope would be more interested in the summary.


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