I Apologize Coach, I Was Wrong....

I admit I was a critic of this draft when we picked Knowshon and much more so after we traded away our next year's first rounder.  Taking 3 DB's with our first 6 picks didn't make me excited either.  After thinking about this whole draft, I have to admit fault and tip my hat to McD.  Sorry I doubted you partner.  Here is why I was wrong:


1. The long-term best strategy for our team is BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE.  The great franchises always take this approach and the worst franchises choose the short-sighted, can't see past their nose approach.  

2.  McD picked players than can contribute right away, as opposed to likely career second-stringers, such as Dorrell Scott, Sammie Lee Hill, etc.  I feel we will walk away from this draft with as many as five to six eventual starters, and that is amazing.  We will feel the impact of this draft a lot earlier than other teams will feel theirs.  

3. McD said during his draft press conference yesterday that he was looking for several qualities in a draftee, two among them being versatility and character.  As a family man, I thank you coach for picking good men who seemingly don't have baggage.  You picked players that love football, have talent, and will not shoot themselves in the thigh at a strip club.  Thank you.  

4.  At first, I nearly turned off the TV when I heard we traded our next year first rounder for Smith.  Today, with time to think about it, we valued Smith as a first rounder, so it makes sense to trade a first-rounder for a first-rounder.  The guy, on paper, appears to be a stud.  If the guy were two inches taller he would have been an early first-rounder.  That is stupid.  

5.  I'm excited we drafted a bunch of ballhawks!  I love the interception ability as much as anything in football.  

6. Finally, just because we didn't do much in the draft for our front seven doesn't mean we didn't do a lot to improve our team.  This draft, and hopefully the rest, will be about adding value.  Those, like me, who were too short-sighted to see that must realize the error of our ways.  

We stockpiled value this weekend and our team may not see the ultimate benefit next year but we will certainly see the benefit three years from now.  So, once again, sorry coach.  Great job.  Keep it up.  I'm impressed with your maturity and poise.  Oh and...good job on Brandstater.  As a Fresno State Alum, I couldn't be more proud.  


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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