Scary Offense...

I am a longtime reader and responder…this is my first post. Now that the draft is over and I’ve had a bit of time for it all to sink in, I wanted to write a post. Although I don’t fully agree with or comprehend McD’s draft strategy, and have been very negative about the draft this year, feeling that our biggest need (the D line) has been for the most part neglected, I will trust in the vision of the Broncos leaders and give in to the MHR sages and accept that we have gotten quality players. As a result of my new outlook, I want to turn attention to one of the aspects of the Broncos that has me giddy and is a definite bright spot: the Broncos offense. The Broncos offense appears primed to be AWESOME this year and in the future. In looking at the potential starters in 2009-10, one can’t but be excited. I want to give my opinion on what could possibly be the best offense in the league. I will be looking at potential starters (who I think they will be) and grading them on the following scale:

Elite: Probowl or near ProBowl player, top player at position in the league

Good: Above average or “better than your average bear”

Average: NFL starter but middle of pack in the league

Below Average/Poor: Needs to be replaced, but all we got. Would not start on many other teams.

So, a position by position analysis and comparison to last year:

Coach: McD-Elite-when you have put together the best offense in the history of the league, and turned a QB with no experience into a winner of 11 games, you are an elite offensive coach.

Shanahan is an elite offensive coach so this is a wash.

QB: Orton/Simms-Average- I am combining the opinions of those who think Orton is an above average QB and those who think he is mediocre to come up with this. Even if Simms beats him out it is about the same.

Cutler was at least above average, let’s be honest. This is a downgrade but may not matter.

Left tackle:  Clady-Elite-Ryan is as good as they get, and will get better.

Same as last year.

Left Guard: Hamilton-Good. Some debate as to how good Hamilton is but he is highly regarded as a talented guard by many NFL scouts, so I gave him a good rating. He is average at worst.

Same as last year.

Center: Weigman-Good- A very good center last year but I expect some drop off. Still, he is one of the better centers in the league although getting older.

Same as last year unless contract becomes an issue.

Right guard: Kuper-Average- Solid but not spectacular. Consistent starter.

Same as last year.

Right tackle: Harris-Elite- I believe Harris is a Pro Bowl caliber right tackle. If he is even close his improvement this year will make him elite for sure.

Same as last year.

Receiver x-Marshall-Elite. One of the best in the league, despite the drops, especially at YAC.

Same as last year but better due to extra healing time (unless suspended).

Receiver y-Royal-Elite. A rookie year like his for a receiver never happens. Royal is an elite talent who will get better.

Possibly better in McD’s offense.

Slot receiver: Stokley- Good- One of the best slot receivers in the game despite his age.

Should continue to be consistent depending on his exact role in McD’s offense.

Tight End-Graham/Scheffler-Good/Elite- Best blocking TE in the league, one of best receiving TE’s if he stays healthy. Together they make an elite TE unit.

Same as last year depending on how used.

Runningback-Hillis/Moreno-Elite-If Knowshon is what people think he is, AND Hillis is as good as he showed as a rookie, this may rival Carolina as the best 1-2 punch in the league.

Upgrade. Weapons galore if they all stay healthy. Much depth added and improved receiving skills from the backfield. H-back and fullback are somewhat wild cards but the best players will play.



The Broncos offense will feature four guaranteed elite positions at wr and tackles, two potential elite positions in rb and te, three good positions at g, c, and slot r, and two average positions at g and qb. No position is below average in any category. They are engineered by an elite offensive mind as coach. This offense is gonna be SCARY! Let the excitement begin…






This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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