A little light hearted parallel

What I want to do in my maiden fanpost is to simply point out some similarities between two people that I am sure we are all very familiar with... our fearless leaders (in their own respects) President Obama and Head Coach McD. Before I go any further I would like to note that I am in no way a political person and I am sure that there are far greater political minds on this site and I hope they will give me some advice after reading this. 

So it has been 100 days for Obama and it was once an unwritten rule that you do not criticize our commander in cheif untill this 100 day grace period has passed. Well its painfully obvious that this practice has long been abondened (credit the rise of SNL for this). Although no such practice has existed for HC's but it would be nice to see some people lay off the newbs until they have had a chance to make thier mark.
Lets start with the circumstances that each men came into office with...

1- Obama won in what most people consider a landslide after a long campaign filled with mud slinging and also had the privledge of inherating an economic disaster (DubYa)

1- I like to think McD was far and away the favorite of Mr. Bowlen but I can't say for sure, but he also inherited a disaster of his own, and lets be honest that D was a disaster! (Shanny)

Both men hit the ground running...

2- Obama slapped us with his new stimilus plan, attempts to restructure the housing market and fix the problem plaguing our banks

2- McD wasted no time grabbing FA's like BDawk and tinkering with the offense that some considered fine: after further review it wasn't

Didn't take long for controversy to strike...(thanks to PredominatlyOrange for bringing up the term 'hater' so I can more easily use it here)

3- [In Obamas case we will call the haters Fox News] Many talkign heads in the MSM called Obama a 'closet muslim' and a socialist. Even worse many righties preached he is a mole sent to dismantle our country.

3- We are all familar with the Cutler saga and although I admit that the timing was horrible, other than that it is becoming clear that McD was less to blame than most people think. I read articles calling for McD's head and saying that he too is a mole sent from the hoodie himself to dismantle our beloved broncos

Over analysis from the MSM hit the men hard...

4- Obama and Michelle's 'terrorist fist jab' was front page for way too long. It is possible for people to give eachother 'daps' (as many of us call it) without having ties to terrorist organizations. I know it sounds crazy (Glen Beck) but its possible

4- Remember that interview with Scott Hanson? "OMG wiki said if you look left that means your lying!!!! HE JUST LOOKED LEFT!!!" There are hundreds of reason people look left. Consider his situation~ surrounded by microphones, cameras, people with clipboards, lights shining on him, and all eyes and ears firmly fixed on him and him alone. Give the man credit where credit is due, thats a high pressure situation and I would have not handled it any better.

No if, ands, or buts about it these men can lead...

5- If you only heard one line from any of Obamas speaches it would be hard to not be inspired. He has a plan and hes telling it to us in the most profound way possible.

5- Look no further than the first mini-camp and the player interviews where they rave about McD's (for lack of a better word) essence. He bleeds football and the players can feel it and I know we all will too soon enough.

So there it is some vague comparistions but comparisitions none the less. I think it can give some reason to let both of these men do their jobs and all we can do is do our own job - which is pay tribute to this great organization the only way we know how BE DIEHARD BRONCO FANS! No matter what the situation is I will always love the orange and blue (sorry if there are spelling mistakes but I stopped trying after the first few sentences lol) --i wanna hear what you all have to say about this.. hate it? love it? think its dumb? tell me plz!! 

(b4 i start a political debate -which is not my intent- id like to say the only endorsement im giving obama is he is a passionate and charismatic speaker) as far as his policies go your guess is as good and most likely better than mine!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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