Healing? Let's grieve first . . . and then get angry

For all of you true bronco fans, who eat, sleep and breath the broncos who are drinking the McD koolaid and screaming good riddance to Jay on his way out: I DON'T BELEIVE YOU!!!  Those of you who truly care and say you're "over it" are in denial - the first stage of grief.

So be sad, as I am now.  It's only healthy.  If you bottle it up, you'll probalby end up breaking your flat screen when you watch Cutler hoist the Lombardi trophy next year while we sit at home watching with our 6-10 record.  I'm not only sad, though.  I'm angry, really angry.   

I am furiousat a 32 year old first-time belichick clone who occaisionally lapses and uses the first-person plural "we" when referring to the Patriots.  I am angry at an owner who said he would "run the show" and then proceeded to run the show straight into the ground.  I am angry that we finally found our symbol, our franchise quarterback, our new Elway (who was also a diva to a certain extent) and we gave him away for draft picks (that may or may not hit) and Kyle Orton. 

I am angry, confused, sad and, if you truly search your heart, I bet you are too (true bronco fans).  Regardless of how quick you are to say you're "over it" or "happy Jay is gone," this is a dark, dark day in Broncos' Country.  We should hang the flag at half mast and grieve. 

Healing?  Ohhhhh no.  Healing will come with forgiveness and I am not ready to forgive - not remotely close.  I will rock my Jay Cutler Jersey and a freaking paper bag over my head when attending games at mile high light.  I will leer at Josh McDaniels with a weary eye. 

Josh: You are on the hot seat.  If you win less than 11 games, I will call for your head.  If you don't get us to the playoffs / superbowl contention in the next 2-3 years, I will call for your head.  That's not fair, our schedule is brutal next year.  However, that is the standard you have set for yourself.  You get no benefit of the doubt.  You get no leeway or understanding.  Here it is, Josh: WIN OR GET THE &##)$ OUT OF DENVER!!!!!

For those of you who call me disloyal, just ask McD.  There is no loyalty.  There is only winning.  As our great new coach would say, no player is bigger than the team - nor is a Napoleonic head coach bigger than THIS team, THIS organization.  This is MY team, OUR team - don't forget that, Broncos Country - just ask the late and great Lou Saban.  Like the shareholders of a corporation, it is our duty to blow the whistle on irresponsible management.  BLOW THAT WHISTLE!!!!!  

-Now I'm off to get drunk and drunk-dial every broncos fan I know.  I suggest you do the same.          

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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