2009 & Beyond, the new Era

I'm new to MHR, so just wanted to say hello.  I'm not new to web forums, some of you may know me from other sites and I've been a Broncos' fan since the mid 80s.

Anyway, like many of you... it pains me to see us trade Cutler.  However, I've accepted the fact that we have no control over this and we just have to roll with the punches.

I also look at Orton and Simms and think "Wow, we've quickly become one of those 15 teams with a QB combo that sparks envy in nobody."  However, I do think the Broncos received really good value with the two R1 picks, the R3 pick and Orton.

That being said, this team has a lot of holes and I do NOT want to see them package picks to go get a 'potential' rookie phenom.  I want them to see what falls to 12 and if Sanchez is there and they are aching for him, so be it.  Otherwise, I want them to spend those picks to fix the defense as they move into the 3-4.

It will drive me crazy to think they go from Cutler and the #12... to Orton and then packaging #12 and #18 just to get another QB.  This does nothing in the short or long term to fix the other issues.

Orton has a good W/L record as a starter... and while I won't blame Cutler for all those losses with our crappy defense, I can't give Orton all the credit for those wins b/c they have had a really nice DEF and incredible STs. 

Cutler has a rude awakening on the horizon in CHI... they don't have a stellar Oline and their receiver options are weak.  Yes, Forte is a stud, but who is going to help Cutler out in the passing attack.

The flip side to this is the fact that Orton is now staring at the best talent on offense that he has seen in the NFL.  The young foundation is there and they're really good (Clady, Harris) on a solid Oline, Marshall, Royal, Scheffler... then you have Gaffney and Stokley to provide numerous other options.

So while the idea of Orton at QB doesn't do much for me now... I think we have to give him a chance.  The guy has played well at times and he has more weapons now.

Use the bounty of picks to FIX the defense and let's see what happens.  This team was not close to being a SB contender in 2008 and they're not there now, so let's not screw up the draft by moving all those picks to get a rookie QB.

Note to Josh McD... you've made your bed, try not to soil it.

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