Wow! What a week!

As many of you know, I have been in hiding.  Nothing against the site, but a 2 month old baby boy is a handfull and it's hard to type.  I just want to write a small blurb about what has happened in the last week and here are my thoughts.  My apologies if some of this seems ignorant and redundant:

1.  Jay Cutler is not our QB anymore.  Cutler's tantrum over a trade sadly showed some of his true colors.  I thought that having a coach with a spread offense that was similar to what Jeremy Bates scripted last year would be a good fit.  Blowing off your coach, owner and even your teammates' calls is never a good way to deal with an issue.  Both team and player had some blame in this mess.

2.  Bus Cook got what he wanted (sort of).  Cutler's agent seemed to pull a lot of strings and push way too many buttons.  This situation really reeks of Cook.  I'm not sure that Cook wanted to send Cutler to Chicago though.

3.  While Kyle Orton is not as flashy as Cutler, he is a tough player and a good game manager.  Something that may be a little lost is Orton was Purdue's all time leader in passing yards and ran a version of the spread offense (which also produced Drew Brees) under coach Joe Tiller.

4.  Denver has the future in mind.  By raking in two higher picks this year and a first round next year, the Broncos have a golden opportunity to add quality players.  This team will definitely have to nail thier drafts the next two years.

5.  The pressure is on both Denver and Chicago.  Expectations are going to be quite high.  Chicago is taking on a QB that will be expected to win and win now.  Denver is sending a Pro-Bowl QB away and getting some picks.  The Broncos will have to do some winning for the fanbase to accept Cutler's departure.  Too many losses this year will be tough to endure with all the pick-ups they signed in free agency.  We will all find out in the next few years if Denver reaped the rewards for this trade.

6.  At the end of the day, we are all still Broncos fans.  Guru wrote this already, but I'll put my own spin on it.  As much as this drama the last month has been arrgavating, it is a relief there is closure to this issue right or wrong.  I know there are fans that won't let this go for quite some time, but as in everyithing winning cures a ton of ills.


Something to think about is that this is a game.  There are plenty of problems in the real world and MHR is a great escape.  It is now time to return to the positive news and the upcoming draft so we all can move on.  Time for me to go back into hiding and tend to my boy.  Have a great weekend, thanks for reading and......GO BRONCOS!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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