Thoughts and observations

Hey all!  I am a new member to this awesome site and felt like this would be a good place for serious Bronco football talk.  As such I would like to put out some thoughts and observations I've had through this off-season and get some feedback from you (the best Bronco fans on the web BY FAR).

- Isn't it amazing how entrenched Mike Shanahan was in this organization?  He wasn't the Head Coach, he was The Broncos.  With him gone the entire foundation he built over 10 years came crashing down and Pat Bowlen gave the job of building a new one to an impressive young coach in McD. 

Many people have given very one sided opinions of how he has done so far as a Head Coach but good or bad I think they don't realize that Bowlen didn't hire someone to coach the football club.  He hired someone to build a new version of The Denver Broncos.  One that puts the team first.  One that gets players to want  to win.  Honestly, I love Mike, but I can't say I've seen the desire to win from any Bronco but Rod Smith since Elway left.  All I am saying is that being the Head Coach of the Broncos isn't like being the Head Coach of the Raiders, or the Cowboys, or the Redskins, or the Browns, or the Jets (etc) If there is another team that shares the Broncos vision of what a Head Coach is, it's the Steelers.  It is about something more than winning, it is about the pride of winning our way. 


- Doesn't it seem like more and more "fans" are like ESPN analysts now?  How many times have you read

"Stoopid move Pat Boolen.  You and McDingleberry have just set the franchise back 6,000 years!  Strap yourselves in Bronco fans, this team is gonna suck for a long time"


Is this (type of) guy a fan??  I thought you were supposed to, you know, CHEER for your team ....

AND I have to say this, please back me up here ...

If you have to be critical of the team DO NOT make fun of anyones name.  What IS that??  Mcdumbass, Shamahan, ... since when did this become the behavior of adults?  Don't even get me started on all the variations of our 2 presidential candidates names.

- Lastly I want to thank the many members on this site that give good opinions, insight, praise, and criticism on all things Broncos.  I sent a post yesterday stating how refreshing it was to find the true orange and blue left in the this town.  I look forward to sharing this season and the many more to come with all of you.



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