Like it or not this will be a part of the Broncos FOREVER

I have bad news for all of you who have just taken a breath of relief.

The fiasco is over but the effects of this event will be felt for the next 10-20 years.  Jay Cutler has evanesced to the windy city but his name will be in the sae sentenc as the Broncos for years to come. Either as the catalyst for our rise to glory or our descent into the depths of NFL mediocrity or worse....So while it feels like it is ending it has only just begun.

All I can say is I am glad that my name is not Jay Cutler or Josh Mcdaniel. Pressure makes me feel funny inside so I wouldn't do well in this situation.  Jay and Josh however better thrive on it because the only thing  bigger than their egos in this situation is the immense pressure they have placed on themselves to win, and win now.

In this sense Jay may be in a better position to succeed. All he needs to do is take the pacifier out of his mouth slide on a helmet and use the god given abilities (Elway like cannon, Marino like release) to play some freakin ball.  In light of what we have learned about Jay that may be a lot to ask, but something tells me that the winds of Chi-town will change his attitude at least for a while. 

Joshua on the other hand must be a man of faith.  While he is a system guy that appears to have a knack for the X''s and O's his abilities as a talent evaluator, especially on the defensive side of the ball have not been tested. The trust he has placed on the eyeballs of the scouting department must be unflinching.

This trade has placed McDaniels, Xanders, and the rest of their staff in a position to prove  they knew what the hell they were doing when they traded away pouty but talented gunslinger  for some lottery tickets. The stakes could not be higher.

Hit on your draft picks.  Build yourself a dynasty the same way the Dallas Cowboys of the 90's and the New England Patriots of the present did.

Or, miss, loose your job before you contract is up, and  leave in your wake  a promising young franchise torn to pieces buy by a guy who thought he could hold the weight of Bill Belicheck's hoody. 

Either way Jay Cutler's name will be tied to the results haunting or vindicating the decisions that were made. Get used to it people.


Good luck Josh!

Go Broncos!



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