Broncos Updated Mock Draft


Round 1: B.J Raji, DT, Boston College. While Raji definitely deserves to be drafted higher, there is really nobody that would be in extreme need of his services up until this point in the draft. The Broncos with two draft picks now would have a hard time passing up the star Defensive Tackle when they know that they can solve another major need later in the 1st round. Raji has shown signs of becoming one of the best Defensive Tackles in the draft and could be a dominant force inside the NFL. It is a no-brainer if he drops this low that we would draft him, but that is the problem: he might not drop this low. If in fact my prediction comes true though, we won’t pass him up and you can bet on that. 

Round 1: Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU. Oh how things change. Before Cutler was traded I was hoping to get him at the number 12 pick, but now we might be able to wait for him at the 18th pick so we can get someone even more talented at the higher pick. He is a relatively safe pick and is the only true first round Defensive End in the 2009 Draft. He is great against the run and with the right coaching could excel against the pass too. He is taylor made to play in a 3-4 Defense and while I am still a bit wary of drafting Defensive Ends after Jarvis Moss, Tyson Jackson is the right person for the Broncos to draft.

Round 2: Victor "Macho" Harris, CB, Virginia Tech. The Broncos would really love to get a powerhouse Cornerback like Victor Harris here in the second round assuming that they don’t draft any defensive backs in the first. They know that they could be molded by some all time Defensive Back greats whether it is Champ Bailey or Brian Dawkins. Harris is a very underrated Cornerback whom might really intrigue the Broncos coaching staff. 

Round 3: Jason Phillips, ILB, TCU. It is really important that the Broncos get somebody besides Andra Davis in the middle before we face another epic Defensive collapse. While it will of course be hard finding somebody who can really fit our needs this late Jason Phillips might be a good start. He is a very good tackler who can intimidate most Running Backs and Tight Ends. You can fit him at any Linebacker position in my opinion but would of course be best in the middle where he might even be the second middle linebacker in the 3-4 system if he impresses enough in training camp. Andra Davis is a decent linebacker and an upgrade to anything we had last year but it would be even better if we could add some help with Jason Phillips in the third round.

Round 3: Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio St. If in fact Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall gets suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell then Jabar Gaffney or Brandon Stokley could take over. But in reality while both are good receivers, they are NOT number 2 or number 1 receivers and Brian Robiskie is that type of receiver. He actually reminds me a lot of Brandon Marshall so he would definitely be a good backup to keep in there for when Brandon Marshall is out for let say... "personal issues". I really think that Brian Robiskie has all the physical talents including the height that Brandon Marshall has. Also Robiskie has good character and is a good leader in the locker room. I think that putting him in the system with Kyle Orton would be good. 

Round 4: Curtis Taylor, S, LSU. I don't care if we get Ed Reed! We NEED another Safety at some point. Let's face it, nor Brian Dawkins or Renaldo Hill will last more than 3 years at best. We need to groom someone for the future Curtis Taylor is actually a career reliever. Whenever a star leaves his team he ends up replacing them and almost achieving their level. Taylor in 2007 replaced LaRon Landry in the starting lineup and was very productive at Safety. If he could replace Brian Dawkins with the same kind of success our mission will have been accomplished. Taylor I find very underrated and the 4th round would be a good spot to get someone of his ability. 

Round 5: Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue. It is time that Josh McDaniels drafts at least one person to mold for the future and I think that Curtis Painter is the right person to do that with. He is a system QB who while tall lanky, and totally unathletic but he has great pocket presence and has a very strong arm and accuracy. It may be even better than Orton's who was as well Purdue alumni. I think that Painter with a lot of good training by Coach McDaniels could become a prolific passer and maybe be the successor to Kyle Orton if in fact he does not work out. Even if he does, he will serve as a solid backup anyway. 

Round 6: Mortty Ivy, OLB, West Virginia. The Broncos are looking for a big of defensive leadership and talent. Mortty Ivy could bring both. While by no means is Ivy a physical beast he has a nose for the mental aspect of the game and also is a great leader. The Broncos are in serious need of a good Strong Side Linebackers and while Ivy is not a very famous or flashy player he could still battle for a starting job in the NFL. Ivy has a good ball skills and could have potential as an NFL pass rusher. Ivy has a bit of an injury concern but I would not be that scared of it. His injuries have never been way too serious and he had enough drive to with a torn acl to play all 11 games of the 2007 season. 

Round 7: Ian Campbell, DE, Kansas St. Ian Campbell has been very productive and in his Junior season was one of the nations premiere pass rushers. He has dropped off a bit and has not shown much pro potential but he is still one of the best later round prospects. I think that he could really be a decent backup and maybe over time develop into a good pro. 

Round 7: Kendall Davis-Clark, CB, Michigan St. It is tough for our new coach Josh McDaniels to draft Defensive Players on his first shot but he might be intrigued by Davis-Clark even though he is not the most talented Cornerback you could get at this point. Josh McDaniels started his career in Michigan St. and would really like to get some Michigan St. alumni onto the team. Davis-Clark has injury concerns but is still a good tackler and can contribute into Special Teams and possibly succeed in a Nickel package. He can contribute into the run game and would be a very attractive pick to the coaching staff and scouts. 

Tell me what you guys think... I always like to post them here before I put them on my own site Bronco Madness. 


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