My First Post, First Mock Draft

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Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen, to stir up the pot even more I now present you Igor B. Strange’s Mock Draft of 2009.



1A. James Laurinaitis ILB - Ohio State – Smart, versatile, just makes plays. My pick at 18.

2. Patrick Chung S - Oregon – High motor, good intelligence and leadership.

3. Keenan Lewis CB - Oregon State – Tall CB for the AFC West receivers.

3A. Sammie Lee Hill - DE/NT Stillman – Could be a beast in a year or two. Smart, athletic, versatile, good motor.

4. A. Q. Shipley - OC – Penn State – If he falls to here, I say grab him.

5. Frantz Joseph LB - FAU – Impressive kid, betcha he’s a pro bowler in a few years.

6. Bear Pascoe – TE – Fresno State – My kind of guy. Dishes out the hits and makes defenders pay.

7. Roy Miller NT - Texas – I think he’s a real sleeper. Great motor, good initial hit into the Offensive Lineman to push the pocket.

7A. Vaughn Martin NT/DE - W. Ontario – The size and talent of this kid are unreal. If he’s still available, I think he’s a great pick.


Why nothing for the first pick? Because if I had my way I would trade down, get more picks this year or next . Get Philly’s or TB’s pick plus a 3rd next year and another 6th or 7th this year. Then I would choose the BPA.


Heck, why not trade #12 to TB or NYJ for their 1, no. 3,7 next year and a no. 6 or 7 this year.

Then send 18 to Philly for the same package of picks? The Broncos still can get Laurinaitis and another very good player. Why not set us up for next year with a fat bag of picks for players or to trade for what we need then?


I just think this year is full of low round surprises and small college surprises ala Kendall Langford, Brandon Marshall, etc..


I would love to see Sammie Lee Hill and Vaughn Martin lining up in the hybrid 4/3 - 3/4 with their size and speed. I'm sure Nunnely can make these two into beasts.


How can you block two guys at 6-4 and 320+ pounds with their speed and strength? The opposing OL would be burned out by the 2nd half. Add to that the fact there will be a rotation with Fields, Powell, Thomas, Peterson? Oh me, oh my, oh goodness me. I love the thoughts.



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