The Rumor Mill of Bronco Past

Before I start, i just want to give my thanks to the site and everyone who posts. 

This haven is really something to be proud about.  Being lost and getting word stabbed by most of the media was unpleasant as a broncos fan.  Thankfully i found this sweet sweet broncoheaven. 

Now to get to business.  This is my first post so don't rough me up to bad, i just want to clear some rumors up that i have heard.  This would probably be the best place to see if it was fact or fiction.

Rumor #1

I can't remember where i heard this, but it was about our beloved Elway.  The rumor was that all the wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs had to wear kevlar under there pads.  This was to soften Elway's passes so if they were hit directly they wouldn't explode on impact.  This one has had me stumped for a long time because i don't remember anyone exploding.  Is that because of the kevlar?

Rumor #2

Now this rumor, even though it may sound crazy could still be true.  Apparently the owners of football franchises make alot of money.  I think i read somewhere that Bowlen had created Shanahan.  Well not present day Bowlen, but the Bowlen in the future.  He then sent robot Shanahan to the past to coach the broncos to back to back suberbowls.  I've watched Shanahan on the sidelines... he never smiles or frowns and looks as if he is going to terminate something.  This maybe true, tell me what you think?

Rumor #3

Dan Reeves wore big glasses.  They were gigantic glasses.  Maybe they were gigantic because i was a kid during that time, but I can never look at a video or picture of Dan Reeves without closing my eyes and running away as fast as i could in terror.  This could also do with the fact that one of my teachers told me back then that if Dan looked at you, he could read your mind (insert scary music).  The teacher said that is how Dan was so successful.  I believe his power to be so strong that if i looked at a photo and stared deep into Reeves eyes he would be sipping is morning coffee and be like "whoa this guy is writing about me."  Is it true?  Can I ever watch the old 80's bronco videos?

Those are the biggest rumors that i have to know the answers to.  If you help me i will let you in on a little secret.  HELP PLEASE!

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