Broncos getting new uniforms for 2010?

I LOVE the 1960 throwbacks (this was originally a reply post to Broncotodd's recent fanpost). I love the 80's unis.  I even kinda sorta like (hate) the current unis even though...well...

Okay, so I have had a love/hate thing with the current "swoosh" uniforms because they have a VERY short "style shelf life". We’ve had the "new" unis for 12 years and I think that we’re again "out of style". Can I use "quotation marks" any more?

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that the Broncos need a face lift on the style front. In the mid 1990’s there was rumor that a change was coming. I started to see jackets and t-shirts with a navy blue clor instead of the royal blue that we’d seen for so long. We knew that Denver’s color scheme needed updating. We assumed that we’d see a darkening of the colors and a "tougher" logo. I didn’t expect the swooshiness (made up word) that we went with and was FURIOUS at first. We lost our identity and Bowlen tried to BS the fans with the 'predominnantly orange' comment.  I still think the unis are a bit silly.

Then we made a Super Bowl run and the new unis became part of our identity. Then colleges and high school started to roll with the swoosh design. "Cool", I thought, they are copying us. Well, all of those teams that switched to the swoosh unis have switched away from them and gone with a more modern design. Now, instead of darker/tougher/more intimidating uni’s, we’re seeing a move towards simpler, cleaner, and more "old-school" looks.

I, for one, think Denver needs to come up with a hybrid of the 60’s, 80’s, and current unis.

Here’s my required list for unis:
1) We must keep the orange and blue (especially an orange predominance) only because Denver’s become known as Orange & Blue. Plus, in another year or two, we can be the second comming of THE ORANGE CRUSH.
2) Get rid of the swooshes.
3) Lets go with a more simplified helmet design. Our current set up looks like 1998 threw up on it. Not only do we have the new logo, but we have 3 orange stripes over the top (are they supposed to be kinda like a horse’s mane?).
4) Lets go with dark pants on the road like we did back in the day – maybe we go with blue though instead of orange? (Coolest Floyd little photo ever)

5) We need more stripes on the socks – just saying, they’re cool!


So…long post..but fun topic…

What do you guys think? Still undecided on may favorite road unis. This is just my ghetto mock up of what I think we should be doing.

SImple home unis, kept the logo, got rid of the helmet stripes, pant stripes, swooshes, and jersey stripes. Added sock stripes (I mean is any other team synonymous with sock stripes, regardless of horizontal or vertical orientation more than the Broncos?). I kept the 1980’s block lettering/numbering although you can’t see it that well. The jersey is a combo of the 1960 throwback and the 80’s color scheme. The pants are boring, which I like. As far as the road unis go, I think the blue pants/white socks look tough and the simple – all orange number without a border color looks cool to me, so I put the same jersey with orange pants on the last one just to see what it looks like.  I even went with a gray facemask because I love that the 1960 uni had the gray facemask and in the mid 80's we had grey facemasks too.

We could always go with this too:  A real Orange & Blue lover's uni:



For the roadies, I love the darker pants. The first one has the same numbers as in the 80’s and essentially is the same exact concept as the late 1960's/early 1970's roadies (like the Floyd Little photo above) just without sleeve and pants stripes. I kept the pants all stripe free. I think my fave (aside from the home unis) is roadie #3- nah, I like roadie #2 because it's simply more Bronco-ey than the other ones. 


What do you think?



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