Howdy sports fans this is Trace Fickle and I'm bringing you the up to the minute skinny of the happenings with the Denver Broncos. Unlike so many sports writers who laud themselves into thinking they are somebody of credence, I will give you the facts surrounding the Denver Broncos. I portray a lucid story of how your favorite team will climb out of the age of antiquity and disparity around the nfl, and rise to greatness.

Sports fans one of the greatest coaches of all time was just fired the other day! Yes, Shannahan is gone and as quickly as the dust settled, in strolled Josh McDaniels that fresh young quarterback guru from the New England Patriots. Mcdaniels didn't waste any time letting everybody know who was in charge, in fact he had the drabby colored office painted pure white before Shanny's shadow left the building. All the memorabilia of the old guard was torn down and replaced with new fresh looks. Although most of the new framed pictures are of the new Cheer Leaders, I though I caught a glimps of one Madonna pic down the hall by Pat's office. It's great to have a new atmosphere around the complex, even the players take more time in the hall milling around. This is a great morale builder.

Yes sports fans the Fickle is here to tickle, so scratch that itch and settle down for a wild ride. I was there to witness first hand to see all the old coaches step into a pink micro mini-van each carrying twelve packs of left over budwieser from the anticipated AFC West Championship celebration. Yessiree, it was a sad day in deed to watch the faithful fans standing by (3 or 4) in tears holding signs (Pat, how could you, how could you?) The nerve of those guys, throwing empties out all along the drive way. That just shows you what kind of class they have. I actually saw one of them waving good bye out the right side window. He must of hurt his hand though because only the middle finger was able to make the wave. Man, I'll miss those guys they gave me so much to write about.

Boy oh boy, changes were made here at Dove Valley faster than Jimmy Johnson's tire change at Daytona. A passle of new coaches were brought in, Nolan, Nunnely, McCoy, little Ben McDaniels, Priefer, and others. It didn't take them long to find the broom closet to sweep out the trash (players cut), start decorating the "new" broncos ball club with some new ornaments (free agents). So Bronco fans, everythings going to be just dandy...right? This is between me and you, OK? The boys down there at the Denver Post think we'll be the laughing stock of the nfl. Have they got alot of explaining to do, I know, I know, they'll have another excuse for their ineptness, they always do. Those boys are really smart down there.

Wow sports fans, the fire works started bursting in air, the Broncos franchise (in someones honest opinion) quarterback jay cutler and the new head coach have a miff, then theres a riff, it's the land of the free, and the home of the brave.Then before you know it, there goes jay on the bus to Chicago. People start gnashing their teeth and renting their #6 jerseys and chanting in the streets- "fire McD". By dawns early light cooler heads prevail when they finally come to the conclusion (realization) that it's not as bad as they thought. I mean, the team picked up three players (Orton, Ayers and A. Smith) who are as happy to be Broncos, as a cat in a house full of mice.

Then sports fans the draft arrives, and with the anxious anticipation of picking the best 'defensive' player available with the 12th pick, they pick..a...ahh...running back??? Dish and DirectTV had an influx of calls come in asking for new remotes (the old ones were damaged beyond repair) after the ones they had, suddenly stopped working. It most of been an anomaly of the highest irregularity to have caused such a disfunction of perfectly sound electronic equipment.  Again sports fans after the head scratching and rationalizing the situation, most, yes I'll say most have now said "well it was a good sound discision". And as a Fickle of fate, I too have to agree, again, it was a good (if not great) move for the fiery young coach McDaniels.

The morning after the Draft, Dove Valley's parking lot was beaming with activity. A make shift tent city was created (tents donated by the Sports Authority over on Broadway) to accommodate the CFA hopefuls. The morning risers were left with a not so restful night of sleep as musician Richie Havens was still pounding the bongos to the beat of "Sunshine". The CFA's were greeted early this morning by Coach McDaniels who was carrying a coffee mug with a picture of Kyle Orton on one side and Chris Simms on the other. He also had a 'throw back' jersey draped over his shoulder that he said no wanted at the 'White Elephant' auction at the local church the day before. I'm still wondering where he'll hang it?

Well fans it's been a rough road for us all out here and I know that true journalism is always appreciated. I'll be back to give you the straight skinny during the upcoming football camp and pre-season, so until then don't let the pigskin fever get the best of you. Bye now, be sweet...


The writings of this author are all not true...well, not all. 13-3 Baby!!! Everything seems irrelevant this time of year, enjoy the muse.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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