If I were GM.

I've never been one to let reality interfere with my delusions. So with that in mind I submit my first post. I will preface this by saying that I did like the players taken this year in the '09 draft and UFA. I look forward to seeing some if not all performing well as part of our revamped, well coached new sytemed team. I have poured over many well written explanations as to draft strategy, Intelligence,character,talent and as i did my questions turned to smiles as my dim lightbulb of understanding began to glow brightly. Thank you to all the learned folk here who's patience and understanding far exceed my own, for your explanations give insight into the mind of  the team that already holds my heart. O.K. enough with reality. Back to my comfort world of delusion where I am GM of the Broncos. I don't know about everyone else but I love to go on line and dig up info on ADP,mock drafts. I pour over my draft guides put my own mocks together, grade and track players and look for sleepers and hidden gems. When the dust settled i find myself looking at this years draft I noticed something very strange. After all the Bronco jumps in,out ,up and down where they landed put them in perfect position to take the players I had targeted in these areas/ 4 my defensive minded front 7 draft. All these players were availabe right after Denver's selection,and when Denver moved these are the player I thought  they were moving to take. I know that the draft board would change as selections do but to be this close to "my guys" made me go crazy as the draft unfolded. So......with the 12th pick in the '09 draft the Denver Broncos select.......

#12 OLB Brian Cushing...............taken #15 Houston

#18 DE Robert Ayers....................our pick here/loved him

#37 ILB Rey Maualuga..................taken #38 Cincinnati

#48 RB LeSean McCoy.................taken#53 Pittsburgh

#64 DT/DE Jarron Gilbert..............taken#68 Chicago

#114 DT Sammie Lee Hill............taken#115 Detroit

#132 DT Terrance Taylor..............taken#136 Indianapolis

and because I'm a kind GM I'll let coach finish out the draft with his picks.

This is where I had us going but that's why I'm a F-A-N not a GM.

Please this is not an indictment of our coaches the players or the draft, I love the direction our team is going, and can't wait till we get there.

I'd love any feedback good bad or otherwise.

Orange Crush. Then now and forever.




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