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MikeD55 posted a wonderful article to get us to consider what we thought were the best and worst games of 2008.  There has also been sharing by many members about highlights and lowlights from their history of Broncos fandom.  So I thought it might be fun to ask the question: Who were/are your favorite owners/coaches/players. 

Your choices can be drawn from people past or present, or even future (so we don't leave out our 2009 staff, FA's, Draftees and CFA's).  Try to include at least one player for each of the following positions: Owner, Coach, QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, CB, S, K, P.  Feel free to include more than one.


Here are my favorites:

Owner -- Pat Bowlen; he has seemed to be more accessible than any of the others that I remember.

Coach -- Josh McDaniels; maybe I'm just caught up in the energy he's bringing to the position.  Mike Shanahan could also be found in this spot (for our first Super Bowl win), as well as Red Miller for me (for our first Super Bowl appearance).

QB -- Jake Plummer; The temptation is to put Elway here, and he is one of my favorites, but I think the first honor would go to Jake Plummer.  He wasn't a fan favorite for a lot of fans, he tended to rub people the wrong way, he was inconsistent, but he won games for us, and took us to the AFC Championship for the first time since Elway.

RB -- Mike Anderson; just gotta love a gun who comes out of the military and becomes an NFL hit.

WR -- Ed MCaffery; Maybe not the most talented receiver we've ever had but have to love a guy who was willing to throw his body into every play (and just gotta love that United Way commercial).

TE -- Shannon Sharpe; just something about Shannon made me like him.  He irritated a lot of people, and he has been, IMHO, overly critical of the Broncos since becoming an MSM commetator, but he's still my favorite Broncos TE.

OL -- Tom Nalen; to me, Tom epitomized the strong, silent, solid offensive lineman; not one to talk much about himself, but solid week in and week out.

DL -- Lyle Alzado; Lyle's bearded face yelling in exhuberation as the Orange Crush tried to crush everything in sight will be forever etched in my mind.

LB -- Al Wilson; solid, dependable, fiery leader of the defense.

CB -- Champ Bailey; just love a corner who can not only cover, but put big hits on running backs as well.

S -- Steve Atwater; I used to cringe when I saw him launch himself into a tackle.

K -- RIch Karlis; consecutive games with hitting the uprights endeared him to me, plus his contributions to charity for every field goal kicked.

P -- Don't really have one that stands out above the others.  :(

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