jus had to...forgive me

was at DP site, wow...couldn't believe the negativity. Someone posted some shot at MHR, lit my fuse...I had to rant.

Thought I'd post it over here too, haven't posted in a moment, but I still read everyday.

Here's the schpeel

Aren't fans, in essence, a variation of "lemmings"? So this new negatron talking point of positive fans equating to "lemmings" is abit absurd. You're a lemming for following the critics and naysayers by your own reasoning. You're also worshipping your joint emperors (Shanahan & Cutler)...maybe you're cryin about Slowik, Bates, Webster, Paymah, Robertson & Young too...I don't know. But every team in the league has it's yearly dramas and plot lines. We've been fairly lucky in Denver to have Stability and relatively consistent success. Even our bad seasons are good for some teams around the league (detroit, cinci, houston, st.louis, etc), but we expect playoff success, and Super Bowls. This year, we got shook up.
Just because I want McD to succeed doesn't mean I didn't love Shanny and Cutler...doesn't mean I didn't think we had a hot O last year...and a crumby D...But what's done is done. Shanny got fired (still makin $$$ while golfin and chillin), Bates got shown the door (I know most of you wanted to kick him in the bag over that lack of running, those bubble screens, that...what RedZone Offense?), Cutler asked for trade (I think the fanbase has shown Cutler more loyalty then he's shown us...what's that say? McD has been scapegoated abit in my opinion)... people...
Either you want the Broncos to win or you don't. If you want McD to fail, then you want the Broncos to lose. If you think McD will fail, then you think the Broncos will lose. Do you wanna be right, or do you hope your wrong? Of coarse everyone is entitled to their opinions, but as a fan of the Denver Broncos, I have a hard time biting my tongue when someone either tells me they think the Broncos will lose, or they hope they lose. That's just me, I love my team, always have. I like to watch people when they're behind in a game or losing, you learn alot about them and their resolve.
If people are as serious about the Broncos and their opinions as these post suggest, then I recommend looking at yourself in the mirror...that person lookin back at you, would you wanna go to battle with him/her, especially knowing how he/she thinks when the chips are down???
I'm jus wondering...the best teams have supportive fan bases, and you can prognosticate on what came first, the chicken or the egg...but I'm choosing to make supportive fan come first and see what happens.
So yeah, I'm rootin for McD, Xanders, Bowlen, The FO, and the whole Broncos Organization(including Simms, Orton, the "front 7", our FA acquisitions, our '09 draft class) and fanbase...ah oh, sounding like a lemming, that's okay, cuz I can sleep at night. And in the morning maybe I rock my Authentic Elway Orange throwback...Go BRONCOS...and later haters

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