Bronco Fan Reborn...

...well, I never really died, but I musta passed out somethin' fierce for the last coupla months.


Brief history: I was born at St. Joes and grew up in Park Hill. My first jersey was Randy Gradishar and my first game at Mile High was Elway's comeback against the Colts his rookie season.  Willhite back flips in the endzone... sweet. I've got many tales of tears, blood, and shear joy that would take some telling, as I'm sure all ya'll do.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1994 to go to school and fell in love with the joint. And while a huge part of me (namely my old man, and fantastic memories) still lives in Denver (and Teller County), I made Portland my home. But I never left the Broncos. *(The morning after the Broncos won their first SuperBowl I was being interviewed by CNN because I went to school with Monica Lewinsky and I berated them endlessly that they were not reporting on the utter dopeness of the Broncos. Friends in South Carolina called that night to tell me it made it on the air). 

I laughed like hell (and wept a bit) when Griese fell over his dog.

I watched Jake the Snake's undoing from a casino in Queensland Australia at 6 in the morn.

Anyway, I've been there with ya'. All the way.


Then McDaniels. And McJayGate. And just the whole bloody thing. I was distraught. I was torn between my undying loyalty and just the complete and utter muck up that was this kid McDaniels first month in the house. And Bowlen. Bloddy Bowlen and his friggin' fur coats.... Now, I always felt like Cutler didn't much like hangin' and playin' in Denver. Seemed like he pined for Tennessee. But I loved the way he played, and was always behind him, even through just about all of the big mess. So when he was shown the door.... man.  And then, when we drafted Knowshon, I threw in the towel.

Until I found MHR. I had been reading for info. I had been reading The Denver Post online for opinion. And I'd scroll through the comments after articles and it just never felt like ther real fans. Some good, a whole lotta bad. Who were these clowns? I had even been to a coupla fan sites over the last coupla years just trying to find the good stuff, only to see some fella in Wheatridge with his Bronco room and gear. Gotta love him and the many similar sites, but where was the GOOD STUFF?

Then it hit me. SBNATION! I adopted the Blazers when I moved to Portland and found sometime back, without a doubt one of the very best team blogs. And right after the NFL draft when I was totally adrift and looking for answers, I thought of SBNATION and found the Mile High Report.

SO HERE ARE THE REAL BLOODY FANS!!! What an absolute saviour.  Now I'm reading about the CFA's, and the upside of drafting the best available players, and even love for McDaniels (it might take me a bit of time, maybe a season of action, to really get behind him. He really did not start well, ya'll).  AND I AM SO DAMNED EXCITED AGAIN. AND YA'LL DID THAT. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  Am I gonna get to see Hillis and Moreno split in the backfield? Please? Is Elvis actually possibly the sickest OLB for 3-4. Dunno, but I sure love him. His Orton gonna turn out to be the manager we need?  Will Marshall play this year? Does Royal even need him?

If you read this whole damned thing, thanks for listening to this confessional, and thanks for being a part of this community. If my Aussie wife saw what I was doing right now she would laugh like hell and call me out as an unreal dork, but she's watching American Idol, so I'm the one who gets to laugh....

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