Horse Tracks 6/1/09


Mornin' MHR Friends! We've got a new format today, thanks to some terrific new tools from SBN. May take me a couple days to get used to it (read: find my comfort zone and add sarcasm). As usual, not a ton of news on Monday morning. Have a great start to your week!

Marshall denies domestic abuse - The Denver Post
Klis details BMarsh's appearance on Outside The Lines yesterday.

Scheffler on board with Broncos' plan - The Denver Post
"Tony is probably the most skilled pass-receiving tight end I've had an opportunity to be around," Coach McDaniels on TE Tony Scheffler, who said "This is the NFL. You can't have feelings. You kind of have to have water off a duck's back. You can't have hurt feelings or you'll get left behind in a hurry. You've got to move forward to the next day."

Brandon Marshall Defends Himself - ESPN Video
ESPN's OTL clip of BMarsh speaking with Bob Ley.

Broncos' Marshall denies ever abusing ex-girlfriend - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO
Here's the Gazette's article on Marshall's appearance.

ESPN scores with live Marshall interview, but needed more time - Best Seat in My House -
Pete Dougherty wishes OTL were longer yesterday, so BMarsh could tell more of his side of the story.


Sporting News Conversation: Philip Rivers
Phil Rivers talks about his pal Jay Cutler and says the Dolts knew they would beat Denver in Week 17.

NFL Draft - Merriman's future in San Diego in doubt - FOX Sports on MSN
Ed Thompson thinks Shawne Merriman may be spending his last year with the Dolts, among other considerations.

Chiefs training camp still attracting contractors - Kansas City Star
Contractors are lining up for a Chefs training-camp project, although the funding could still be frozen at the groundbreaking a month from now.

Bears hoping Cutler can help get running game in gear - Inside the Bears
Brad Biggs shows Bears fans that Jay Cutler didn't have such a poor running game in Denver by looking at the numbers.

Not many believers in Bears' wideouts, outside of locker room
Thomas George looks at the Bears' thin cast of wide receivers.

Ex-NFL players lash out at union seeking support - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Retired NFL players are not yet prepared to back the NFLPA in upcoming CBA talks.

The National Football Post | Sunday At The Post
Here is Mike Lombardi's always-excellent Sunday column.

'Pen pals' Vick, Favre share bond - Norman Chad -
Norm Chad imagines what a Favre/Vick pen-pal relationship would look like.

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