From the Comments -- McGeorge's Thoughts on where the Broncos could go wrong

This was a comment by McGeorge in a front page post that deserved to be a FanPost of its own...Carry on the debate here! -- TSG

I wrote this, "I’m a huge Bronco fan and I disagree with several things The Coach has done. Am I not allowed to express this kind of opinion?"

To answer your subsequent question John Bena. Here is my take with solutions.

1. I hate the risk/reward profile of the Alphonso Smith trade
2. I hate the idea of trading Cutler for Cassel
3. I hate the Simms signing (he’s left handed and I love Clady as blindside tackle).
4. I dislike the Quinn trade
5. I dislike the dearth of front seven players selected in the 2009 draft (esp not picking a OLB with TE coverage ability).

1. I would not have made this trade and Denver would still have two picks in the 1st round of the next draft. If money is tight for Bowlen, Denver can trade the future picks in the future and likely get much better value than a 2nd rounder in the weak 2009 NFL draft. I’d have had Jack Williams and Josh Bell vie for nickel CB this season. I don’t believe the difference between a good and average nickel is going to ruin Denver’s Super Bowl chances in 2009. If Seattle is using Denver’s pick in the Top 10 of the 2010 draft, Bowlen will look like a fool and The Coach will be on the hot seat.

2. This was just an insane. Cassel is a half season wonder that is somewhat likely to blow in KC. And of course KC traded a measly 2nd round pick for Cassel AND a four time Pro Bowl LB on the back side of his career. On the other hand, Cutler was traded for TWO 1st round picks a 3rd rounder and I’ll assume Orton is worth at least a 3rd rounder if Sage Rosenfels is worth a 4th. Factor in contract demands of Cassel vs Cutler’s remaining 3 year deal and the concept of Cassel for Cutler is about the stupidest idea that was ever honestly entertained.

3. Clady is widely regarded as the best young LT in the NFL due to his pass-blocking excellence. Why turn a roster strength into a question mark by playing a left-handed QB. Ryan Harris was fantastic at RT as well. Don’t Fu** with a good thing Coach, play a right handed QB. I’d have signed JP Losman, Kyle Boller, Grossman or any of the several other under-performing young QBs rather than taken a flier on Simms. Off record, I bet The Coach would admit he regrets that he signed Simms.

4. The Coach wanted Quinn so he made the trade. We’ll see how it works out. I don’t think The Coach is a great judge of player value based on my #1 and #2 points so I don’t trust his instincts. Not even a little bit. I would have stayed with the two picks in round 3 and taken a D-linemen and an best coverage LB available.

To be fair to The Coach. I really like the coaching staff he put together. I like most of his UFA acquisitions and understand why he went after CBs and Safeties since the talent pool for such players was much deeper than UFA D-linemen and LBs. He also added a solid group of undrafted rookie FAs that will push for roster spots. I’m not going to miss Niko, Webster, Robertson, Manuel, McCree, Paymah, Winborn or Engelberger. IMO, getting rid of each of those clowns was slam dunk roster move, but at least The Coach made these gimmes.

I don’t think he is all bad, but he has made several decisions that make me think he could (& more likely than not) fall flat on his face as a head coach. Of course I don’t want him to fail. I want Denver to win the next 50 Super Bowls. But what happens with the Broncos over the next few years has nothing to do with my wants and desires. If The Coach does bomb as our coach, it will severely tarnish Bowlen’s rep and it will set back a franchise that looked to be heading in the right direction due to the amazing drafts of 2006 and 2008.

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