What If....Orakpo at #12

 What if we took Brian Orakpo at #12, instead of Knowshon Moreno? Would we have still been able to select Ayers at #18? Would the Broncos Have a better Defense?

  Brian Orapko is a BEAST. He is 6'4" and 260 pounds of solid(8% body fat) specimen. A great athlete who can power or finesse his way into the backfield. In a recent workout exhibition, he bench pressed 515 lbs, with a 600 lb. squat and a 380 lb. power clean. He ran a 4.63 40 yd time,a 1.53 10 yd time and benched 225 lbs. 31 times. Orakpo fits the 4-3 better than the 3-4, but is a devastating game-changer of a pass rusher.That's not to say he can't defend the run. He is tough at the point of attack.Still, he could stand to gain some lower body strength to his frame so he can drive through blockers that engage him. He might need to play on the strong side in the pros because he lacks great explosion and pass rush off the edge. Shows adequate fluidity dropping on zone blitzes to handle short area zone coverage as a 3-4 rush LB. Is a solid athlete with good speed and closing quickness. Is usually in good position and has good instincts. Makes plays with hustle and determination. He tries to strip the ball on every sack. Showcases good footwork and body control to redirect and close on the QB. He posted a 39.5 inch vertical jump at the Combine. Smart and passionate about the game, his combination of strength and speed make him very hard for blockers to handle one on one. Uses his hands well at the point of attack. He has an exceptional blend of speed and power. A smart, passionate player on the field with a level head off it. Orakpo did damage as a 4-3 open side end in college but could thrive as a rush LB in a "30" front. Has the potential to become a defensive playmaker if his motor runs consistently. Durability is an issue.
         2007: Right knee sprain,missed 4 games.
         2008: Left a game with a left knee sprain.
         2009: Did not complete the agility tests at the Combine due to a hamstring strain.

Football Sense: Orakpo is a highly intelligent athlete who reacts in an instant when he sees the play develop. He earned academic honors in college and high school, so he should be very capable of digesting a complicated playbook. He learned football easily and is not the type that will be fooled by misdirection or play action. He seems to do a better job of finding the ball when attacking the backfield rather than working down the line or dropping back in pass coverage.

Character: Orakpo is well-liked by staff and teammates. He was heavily involved in the university's community affairs and has no known off-field issues. He is a well-spoken individual and an asset off the field.
  So you see, Brian Orakpo fits the McX values of a smart physical football player with high character.

Is he right for the new scheme on our Defense? Perhaps.Perhaps not.

Would he make a difference? Sure.So, what if the Broncos select Orakpo at #12?

 Well, for one thing, the ramifications change in this scenario. Washington has the 13th pick. Do they choose Knowshon? Probably not, since they have Clinton Portis. They have needs at OT, DE,LB, and CB. Since they had already signed DT Albert Haynesworth, they might have selected CB Malcolm Jenkins,OT Michael Oher, or Brian Cushing. Larry English is a possibility at this point, being similar to Orakpo(in size). Since Jenkins is the next BPA and a need for the 'Skins, we'll slide him in at #13. Next up is the Saints, and they're looking for RB,OL,LB,CB and S. You've got to think that Moreno doesn't fall past them. If he does, Houston snags him at #15. Basically, Moreno doesn't make it to #18, but our team is still able choose Robert Ayers.
  Now, at this point, we have addressed the Defensive Line with our first 2 picks. To those here that think McX totally blew our draft, would this have made more sense? Would we have a better Defense with this picture?

Some believe that we should have traded down with our first pick. I'm not so sure. Through knowledge and reason obtained at this site, I am liking the way our team is shaping up. True we did not address our primary need (D line) with our top pick, it IS reasonable to say that with Moreno helping to eat up Time of Possession, the Defense will be on the field less, and therefore have less chance to give up points.

What do you think. Is this the way the draft should have turned out?

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