Time to Cut Bait?

Since the last poll on the Brandon Marshall situation was conducted, it's been reported that Marshall is officially skipping the team's mandatory minicamp in an effort to force the Broncos to renegotiate his contract. Given this new development, I thought it'd be interesting to see where people stand on the matter.

Before you vote though, I thought I'd offer up some additional stats to consider (compiled by another of my interns, Kimmie):

  • Brandon Marshall ranked #1 in the NFL as a target with 181 "times thrown to" in 15 games. The Texans' Andre Johnson was #2, thrown to 170 times in 16 games. 
  • Brandon Marshall was #3 in the NFL in passes dropped.
  • Brandon Marshall was #2 in the NFL in passes not caught with 77 in 15 games. The Browns' Braylon Edwards was #1 with 83 in 16 games.
  • Brandon Marshall ranked #7 in the NFL among receivers in yards after the catch with 439 yards in 15 games. Interestingly, the Patriots' Wes Welker was #1 with 758 yards in 16 games. Eddie Royal, a Welker analog, logged 359 yards in 15 games.

In my opinion, the most interesting of these stats is that Marshall led the league as a target, numbers that validate my suspicion that Cutler was locking on and forcing the ball to Marshall at every opportunity. I think it would be interesting to review Marshall's gaudy statistics from last season through this lens. However, although it is Spandex Spaturday here at the office, we're all working a half day. So that research will need to wait.

I imagine I've already tipped my hand about how I'll vote in the poll below. I'm voting to get rid of Marshall if it comes to that. But it might not be for the reason you'd think. Sure, given these stats, I believe Marshall's talent might be a bit overrated.

That's not the primary reason that I'd like to get rid of Marshall, however. I don't believe that winning is everything, let alone the only thing. To me, character counts. I like the good guys. And, in my view, Brandon Marshall isn't easy to root for. I think he's immature, self-centered and has shown either an inability or a reluctance to learn from his mistakes. I won't go as far to say he's a jerk, because I don't know him personally and he, reportedly, has done some positive things in the community - when pressed. It's possible he's just a young man who's made some very stupid choices...repeatedly.

Where there's smoke, there's fire...most of the time. And there seems to be a ton of smoke surrounding Brandon Marshall. And I'm tired of it.

So, you'll notice there's no choice to wait him out. Even though that might be the best course of action. I'm curious as to whether the folks at MHR believe Brandon's talent offsets his silly behavior.

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