Madden 10 Ratings - All Player Ratings including Broncos


Hi Chaps

Below is a list of the entire Bronco roster as per Madden 10. This has all come out from the Madden community. EA have been trying to keep a bit of a lid on it - pereferring to release the ratings over a period of time, but various dedicated bloggers have made it difficult for them.

Obviously this is subject to change before release  , but it's indicative of where the EA developers see our squad and it's unlikey they are going to be swayed by emails asking for certain players to be upgraded. So I think we have to accpet that if you want to play Madden this year you are going to be playing with what can only be described as a mediocre Denver squad.

I predict a lot of you guys are not going to be happy with their evaluation of our talent! Overall we have the 4th worst squad on average in the league according to EA. Which is a bit silly. But at the end of the day it's their opinion and it's up to the Broncos to earn their respect next season.

That said there are some shocking ratings - namely Doom & Larsen on defense, Ryan Harris on offense - all three have been robbed. I would also question Kuper & Sheffler's rather average ratings. I would possibly argue however that they have possibly overrated Marshall, Dawkins (sorry!) and A. Davis.  But that's a subject for  seperate and rather more detailed post I am planning on the DVOA ratings once the Football Outsiders Almanac comes out.

Bear in mind the player ratings are more spread out then previous incantations of Madden, to emphasise the difference beytween the elite and the average players.

I'll need to sit down with all 32 rosters to analyse exactly how our players have got on. That might take some work and I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it all now.

So for those of you that play Madden and care about these ratings then let the debate begin!


Denver Broncos


Position Name OVR
QB K. Orton 74
QB C. Simms 66
QB T. Brandstater 60
RB K. Moreno 81
RB C. Burkhalter 78
RB JJ Arrington 73
RB L. Jordan 66
FB P. Hillis 84
WR B. Marshall 92
WR E. Royal 82
WR J. Gaffney 74
WR B. Stokley 71
WR C. Jackson 56
TE D. Graham 83
TE T. Scheffler 79
TE R. Quinn 69
OL R. Clady 88
OL C. Wiegmann 87
OL B. Hamilton 81
OL C. Kuper 78
OL R. Harris 73
OL K. Lichtensteiger 71
OL S. Olsen 69
OL B. Gorin 68
OL T. Polumbus 67
OL P. Murray 63
OL L. Paxton 62
DL K. Peterson 72
DL M. Thomas 71
DL R. Fields 71
DL D. Reid 70
DL T. Crowder 66
DL E. Dumervil 65
DL M. Askew 64
DL N. Clemons 61
LB D.J. Williams 86
LB A. Davis 75
LB R. Ayers 74
LB B. Bailey 68
LB J. Moss 66
LB N. Greisen 65
LB S. Larsen 63
CB C. Bailey 96
CB A. Smith 76
CB A. Goodman 76
CB J. Bell 61
CB J. Williams 58
S B. Dawkins 92
S D. McBath 72
S R. Hill 72
S J. Barrett 62
S V. Fox 59
K M. Prater 58
P B. Kern 64




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