Horse Tracks 6/18/09 - Wiegmann gets paid; Boss, we hardly knew ye


DB - Wiegmann, Broncos Agree to Contract Extension
Casey Wiegmann received an extra year on a renegotiated contract; financial terms were not disclosed. Wiegmann of course, was brought in last year to be a backup and was paid accordingly. Everyone seems to be happy with the deal.

DP - Bailey tandem takes hit with Boss' release
LB Boss Bailey was released yesterday; he made $7.15 million to play in 6 games as a Bronco. Also, BMarsh will be running his football camp today in Aurora.

DP - Krieger: Marshall deserves new deal
Krieger makes the case for BMarsh to get paid in Denver. Interestingly, part of his argument is the assumption that a new deal would have provisions for his off-field issues. Not so sure about that one, Dave...who's to say BMarsh or the NFLPA would go for that?

DP - Wiegmann's payoff built by patience
According to LJones, Wiegmann could receive $4.7 million over the next two years in his new deal, but no word on how much is guaranteed. Apparently, Wiegmann left minicamp thinking retirement was upon him without a new contract; but he still showed up to work out and Josh McDaniels commended his handling of the situation.

DB - Sounds from Minicamp - Broncos TV
Some video clips from minicamp; nothing earth-shattering, but still nice to see the guys in action (sort of).

ESPN - Why Denver shouldn't trade Marshall
Pork Chop actually promotes the cool-headed approach.

NFP - Wednesday Whys: Plaxico Burress
Andrew Brandt agrees with his colleague Lombardi, saying that BMarsh is unlikely to mature. In fact, he thinks a lucrative contract would mean quite the opposite.

SI - Kyle Orton-Chris Simms competition likely was predetermined - Ross Tucker
Like Matt Bowen the other day, Tucker calls the Orton-Simms competition a sham. Probably so, but where was this column last month?

NFL - Don’t blame Bowlen for stupid moves - Jamie Dukes
Of course, you know who Dukes blames...

FOX - Schein's Nine: Texans are playoff bound
Adam Schein offers a backhanded compliment to Josh McDaniels.

NT - Darrell Reid to host football camp
Reid is hosting a camp back home in NJ next week.

WP - Redskins Insider - Pros and Cons of B. Marshall
Paul Tenorio considers whether BMarsh could be worth the Skins' trouble.

DP - Bears: No need to add Burress or Marshall
I don't even know what to say...

AJC - Sailor got loan from lobbyist before key vote
Former Broncos WR Willie Green is caught up in a lobbying scandal involving a former Georgia state representative.

OS - Woman says NFL veteran Travis Henry fathered twins, owes money
It just never ends for this idiot - Travis, there's a little operation called a vasectomy....

KCS - (7th-round pick) Kicker set to sign with Chiefs

CCT - Raiders' Russell calls teammates for practice session
Wow, really? Did someone put him up to this? Maybe in exchange for a month's supply of Big Macs?

SDUT - Leaf apprehended at U.S.-Canada border

NFL - Wilf tells season ticket holders that decision is Favre's to make

CBS - Soft judge puts Goodell in hard place on Stallworth - Ray Ratto

Y! - Q&A: Giants' Reese discusses WRs, injury info - Jason Cole
GM Jerry Reese explains the team's approach at receiver and why true No. 1 WRs are overrated.

NFL - Offseason departures will put Ravens' defense to the test - Bucky Brooks

CBS - No. 1 D? Rhodes might want Giant mulligan on that one - Clark Judge

SI - Matt Millen tries to remake image after Detroit Lions debacle - Don Banks
Good luck with that one (Charlie Rogers, Joey Harrington, Mike Williams).

NFP - Notes from Lombardi: the delay game
Mike Lombardi thinks the Raiders might trade Derrick Burgess following their signing of DE/LB Greg Ellis, although he also points out that Jokeland never does what's logical. He also considers Plaxico Burress' situation.

NFP - The impact players: NFC South - Matt Bowen

NFL - Seahawks' Mora humbled, better prepared in second stint as head coach - Steve Wyche

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Seattle Seahawks

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Arizona State

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