Thoughts from a drunken mind.

So I am sitting here watching the game of the week on the NFL network, which happens to be the 2006 Colts @ Broncos from the 2006 season, and thought I'd give a few thoughts on it, as well as other ramblings...

I'm watching and I see Champ. and... well thats almost it. So I did a quick check from on the 2006 season Roster. As of the current 80+ roster to the 2006 53 roster there is 8 players remaining. There were a few more @ the end of last season, but not much.

Ok, how is a team suppose to build consistancy/Unity with a turnover like that?

If i wasn't so lazy I'd check into some of the upper echelon teams to see how many of players are still on there team from 2006, but I would put money on it being more than 8.

Also, it's almost painfull to watch this show. not because the Broncos lose, but because the NFL films guy won't shut up about his love affair with Manning, which reminded me of something else i wanted to rant about.

The MSM. I've been sitting quietly in the garage next to the kegerator during the whole Cutler fiasco, and not commenting on it.  However, all the articles I've been reading on and the like have driven me a little over the edge, and I want to know if anyone else sees what I see. When Cutler was on the Broncos, all you'd hear about from any of the MSM pundits is negative or lackluster comments/stories, yet as soon as he jumps ship to Chicago, hes the best QB in the world and is going to make everyone on Chicago better.I know the MSM dislikes and disses the Broncos all the time, but really?

As far as how I feel towards Cutler himself, I felt he was one, if not the best up and coming QB in the NFL. However, he was borderlining the fence on being a premadonna. It almost becomes impossible to like someone who goes off on how "he plays for his teammates" and then demands a trade. Sorry buddy boy, you play for yourself.

And I know it's a bit early, but I would like to go ahead and remind everyone when preseason hits here, to keep calm. As excited as Im sure everyone else is, myself included, you must remember it is only preseason. Just remember the Patriots usually win a whole lot of preseason games, even there 2007 undefeated regular season they went 2/2 in the preseason.


Well thanks for listening to my drunken ranting and raving. Untill next time my drunken impulses prevent me from making sound judgements.



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