Horse Tracks 6/24/09 - BMarsh's best bud comes to his defense


CBS - 'He isn't a bad guy' -- best friend still backs Broncos' Marshall
Pete Prisco talks with BMarsh's best friend, Jags WR Mike Walker. Walker comes to Marshall's defense, saying he would let Brandon date his sister. He also says Marshall's unhappiness not only stems from monetary issues and his hip injury, but also from the trade of Jay Cutler. Obviously Walker is biased, but it is nice to hear BMarsh's side of the story, even if it's from somebody else.

DP - Broncos' Buckhalter happy to be shareholder
Correll Buckhalter is happy both to be a Bronco and to still be playing despite several major injuries earlier in his career. Therefore, he is content being part of a potential rotation rather than being a workhorse back. Josh McDaniels calls CB the Broncos' fastest running back and praises his multidimensional skills.

LTC - Former Niwot, CU star McChesney stoked to have opportunity with Broncos
Interior lineman Matt McChesney is thrilled to be with the Broncos, after rooting them on from the South Stands while growing up. McChesney calls signing with Denver "a no-brainer," a year after the tragic death of his younger brother.

NFP - Diner morning news: Getting back to basics
Lombardi says the Broncos coaching staff needs to be selective in how they allocate practice time. He says the 2008 Dolphins should provide a blueprint for how to turn around the Denver defense, and quickly.

FOX - Summer two-a-days: NFC East, AFC West
Peter Schrager rehashes the Broncos offseason, strangely spending an entire paragraph on J.J. Arrington and another questioning the release of Boss Bailey. At least Schrager reminds folks that the '08 Broncos weren't exactly the strongest football squad around.

NFP - Bears should avoid Marshall
Matt Bowen can think of several reasons why BMarsh wouldn't be a fit for Chicago.

DDN - Jury still out on the Broncos’ rookie class
Daniel Williams goes over the Broncos' top draftees; get out your magnifying glasses...

RTD - Both sides guilty in Cutler spat - Paul Woody
Nice to see someone spread the blame around...

LSWA - Brooks walked the walk in career
Here is a terrific profile on one of the newest inductees to the Louisiana Sports HOF, former Broncos LB Michael Brooks. Michael Strahan calls Brooks the "toughest man (he's) ever been around."

PFW - Chiefs sign 'Mr. Irrelevant' PK Succop

KCS - Chiefs to retire Thomas’ No. 58 jersey on Dec. 6

KCS - Central Bancompany now 'Official Bank of the Chiefs'
Well, if any of you have accounts with Metcalf Bank, you can now get a Chefs credit card!!!! HAHAHAHAHA (PUKE).

NFL - Packers, WR Jennings still in talks about a contract extension
Interesting. The Pack's star fourth-year WR is entering the final year of his contract, is only scheduled to make $535,000 and has chosen to attend all voluntary OTAs despite hoping for a new contract. By the way, Jennings has 24 career touchdowns, 9 more than our guy. Oh, and Jennings was going to be the Broncos' choice (the pick was almost in) before Green Bay called and offered up Javon Walker. Could've had Jennings AND Marshall. Wow. Oops.

JS - Jennings, Packers agree on new deal
According to a source, Jennings already has a new contract which will make him the second-highest paid WR in the league per season. I know, Jennings and Marshall have very different situations; I just see a lot of irony here.

Y! - Cornerback Fernando Bryant to retire

NFL - Steelers sign franchise-tagged OT Starks to four-year contract

SI - Nick Collins, Green Bay Packers S, should shut up about contract - Peter King
One of PK's readers actually thinks the MSM has been too kind to the Broncos this offseason. I kid you not. King actually wants to let them play out the season before grilling them.

NFL - Jets coach Ryan acknowledges his toughest foe: dyslexia

FOX - Jets to wear corporate patch on practice jerseys
It's not just the Broncos...

NFP - Pros & cons of an 18-game season - Jack Bechta

NFL - Bills' playoff hopes ultimately will ride on rebuilt defensive line - Bucky Brooks

NFL - Dungy we know today was softened by the Steel Curtain - Jennifer Allen

NFL - Group that includes three Cowboys players signs heavy metal record deal

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Oklahoma State - Wes Bunting

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