Interesting Anagrams

Some believe that anagrams tell many things about people and events. I have derived anagrams from several key issues to the Broncos right now. This may be pointless, but I thought it was fun, and I thought I'd share. Look below the fold for mystic anagram answers to questions regarding Orton, McDaniels, Cutler, and the Trade.

Let's start with our recent history. "Shanahan Cutler" yields some interesting anagrams, including "A Unclean Thrash," and the very obscene "Anal Search Hunt." But the most indicative, and clearest in relevance to the Broncos, is "The Annual Crash." How true!

Now let's look at "McDaniels Orton." The first anagram of relevance is "Claimed Torn Son" which I interpret to mean McDaniels claimed Chicago's "son" Orton, who had been torn (injured and rejected). The goofiest one was "Calmed Iron Snot," which makes no sense, unless someone is getting over a bloody nose, I guess. But the best anagram from "Orton McDaniels" is "Coronal Mindset!" That's right, folks.  Get ready for the Broncos to be crowned champions!

Just to see what could have been, I paired McDaniels with Cutler. You won't believe the anagrams that appeared! "Cancelled Truism." "Mild Reluctances." "Miscreant Culled." "A Culled Centrism." "Accursed Ten Mill." I hope that last one isn't an indication of some sort of Red Sox-like curse. :::knocking fervently on wood....knuckles beginning to bleed:::

I analyzed "Cutler Chicago". The anagram was amazing: "The Crucial Cog." Wow. If you believe in this stuff, the Bears may be on their way to a coronation of their own!

For fun, I tried Peyton Hillis. I came up with "Noisy Hell Pit" (which is how I hope opposing defenses perceive him). Also, "Spoil thy Line," "Only Pile Hits," and "Hey, I'll Points" were of note. The last one needs an extra word to make sense, but we all get the gist. I wonder what his middle name is....

So now it's your turn. Click here to type in your Broncos-related words and see what "truths" are hidden within the letters! Add your own results to the comments section of this post. Thanks for playing along.

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