Computer illiterate,old newbie,a milehigh on 2009

I don't know computers and this will take me hours if not days to write.I moved here from Iowa in 1965 with my folks.There were no pro teams in Iowa so I followed the teams that were broadcast to the Des Moines area,the Yankees,the Bears and Green Bay,Notre Dame and the Celtics.I was 12 when we came to Colorado.I had never been to a professional game before and my father asked me one Sunday morning in the fall of 65 if I wanted to go to a Bronco's game.I knew some friends who had gone and told me they took toilet paper and threw whole rolls down on the field from the south stands.I was so excited ,sitting in the south stands(we walked up and got tickets)and taking rolls of toilet paper to throw and seeing my first professional game.It was the 1st game of the season and although I don't remember much except John Hadle to Lance Alworth(Bambi) at the end and we lost,I had a blast.All the cheering,yelling,foot stomping and the bleachers actually shaking.That was the beginning of my loyalty to the Broncos.If I wasn't watching them,I was listening on radio.I LOVE THE BRONCOS.

 It doesn't matter what happens this year or next year or 10,20,30 years from now,I will watch them or listen to the game every week.Last season I was overseas and was extremely disappointed to not be able to listen to the games live on KOA internet.Some type of restrictions?but I would find updates on the game through google sites.

 I've enjoyed reading all the information on this site(the most) and all the Broncos sites.It gives me pleasure reading the different writers(some excellent ones at that) and opinions.I don't know how to use the computer well enough to use stats.I don't even know how to get an avatar of a Bronco rearing.I do know how to express my thoughts as a long time Bronco faithful.

We should give coach a chance.I had many friends that didn't want Shanahan back in the day.I said let him bring in his own people and see what happens.No-one knows Mc Daniels to the extent they can read the future.Everyone deserves a chance,if it doesn't work out then let's talk about what next.It's disheartening to see so many professed Bronco fans stringing him up before he's had a trial.Everyone can't agree on everything but  the season hasn't started yet and so many throw stones?Has anyone researched Josh McD?Is he a felon?Has he kicked dogs?Domestic Violence?------- I'm willing to bet he's an upstanding American citizen.Give him an opportunity to prove himself and his beliefs that he can make our Broncos Champions.

Look at all the bad,tightwad owners in sports.Do you really think Pat Bowlen is one?He wants to win so much he fired his buddy.Sure he's getting paid but if you had a best friend that was intent on getting into the hall of fame would you have the b_lls to fire him,really?Your best friend?

I like our TEAM.KO will surprise,just look at the Purdue 2004 highlights(I don't know how to do links,sorry).He's mobile,strong arm,accurate and confident.Our O-line is juiced,tight ends(whose top 3 are better?)WR (Marshall has no choice but to put up the numbers or he's insignificant--no choice for him)so our 3 top WR can match up with anyone.RB/FB mark it down,with our past and present running backs coach and o-line coach and running scheme we will prevail,no doubt here.

Defense? Nolan is the key.Does he still have it? Can he bring it out of the men we have?Can he get the rest of his coaches to bring it out of these men?We have the atheletes,we just haven't had the coaches.This is a wait and see.

I personally would like to see them bring in Joe Collier to work in some capacity with Nolan.Maybe as a consultant.Joe was the best at the 3-4.

No-one talks about the punting game.Remember Ray Guy?He could change a game with field position.You may not like this Colquitt kid but everyone deserves a chance.I believe he can be as good as Guy and can positional kick and kick off.I think the punting battle will be something to watch.I'd really like to see a thread,videos and stats on these two kids.

Special Teams has no choice but to improve,it was that terrible last year.

In closing,if I knew computers better I'd post more but I really enjoy the insightful articles here so keep it up and Let's Go Broncos!!!!

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