Kyle Orton - A Green, Beatles fan.... Moreso, QB by committee

Ran across this on YouTube and thought it was well worth sharing.

It also provoked me to further consider the fact that the Quarterback spot is still a 'competitive' spot on the roster, which was my understanding of what Mr. McDaniels likely told Jay, that EVERY spot will be a competition, EVERY year.... That could very well be part of that whole deal, I'm not goin' there, just pointing out.....

Here is a Part Three of the "Neck Beard" series, a brief interview with Kyle's wife.... HILARIOUS!!!   >=-)

I could not find Part One of the series, but if someone can and posts it in a comment that would be cool.

So, basically I like Kyle and have a bit more confidence in him becoming the starter, but I wanted to start a discussion on what it would be like having a Quarterback by committee type a deal....

In my rating of pros and cons in a scenario like Our team's....

The first ranked pro is - less physical strain on your preferred quarterback, the con comes down to stats... Most people dig stats, I don't really, because I don't have any NFL stats LoL! - but really, I can see how it may be hard for a qb's mindset to be really passionate about sharing the position, not only that but moreso that it messes with the mindset of both qb's as far as - "I just threw an interception and the coach put the other dude in... Last time I threw one he didn'".... The other thing I constantly wonder (and I'm sure McD keeps in mind, as well since Chris was originally hired as a backup) is Mr. Simms has no spleen and I'm not sure can take too many particular types of hits.

Just to make clear, I am hoping KO is our starter and actually knowing more about his personality has increased my confidence in him as a good character person, as well (many-a-time, it can decrease it to know more about a person's general speech patterns, whether or not they seem to have any actual opinions of their own, not just regurgitated ones in which they themselves have never actually thought through, behavioral tendencies, etc.). The fact that he is Mother Earth-considerate and a Beatles fan just tips the scales for me!!

I'm sure (as would be the case if we still had that other dude) that our coach sees the benefit of telling your QB's that it will ALWAYS be a competition to get the starting position and I'm still spitballin' here really, just trying to start a cool discussion about the QB by committee, especially considering Our two (three? Brandstater?) current talents. Look forward to the thoughts and discussion. First post, let me know!

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