It's the itch.  You know that itch?  That one that's kinda like the itch you get on your back that you'd have to be Mr. Fantastic to reach.  It's the football season itch.  It's RIGHT around the corner, it is soooooo close, you can almost reach it!  I can't stop thinking about it, it's driving me insane!!  Then it came to me.  Who better to help me subside the itch than the greatest fans in Denver??  A little Bronco talk with the MHR crew is just what I need, so here goes.

A New Beginning

Have you ever been through a divorce?  I'm going through one right now and it - is - ROUGH.  It's not a bitter or angry divorce, it is very amicable.  Best for both parties, you might say.  It got me thinking ... these Broncos aren't so different.

I love you, Mike, I really do .... but it is time to move on.

Have you stopped to think about that? 

Detroit gets a new coach, who cares?


St. Louis?


When most franchises get a new coach it is almost like changing the drapes while the house stays the same.  But here in Denver?  Saying goodbye to Mike brought the house down, and we didn't just bring in some guy to oversee the construction.  Josh McDaniels is the architect, the builder, the head of the household, he IS the Denver Broncos.  As much as my life has changed over the last 6 months, so have the Broncos.  That's what the general public and the MSM don't grasp.  We don't treat the Broncos like a product, they ARE Denver and when we make a change at the head coaching position, Denver changes. 

I really believe that this town will come to its senses over the course of the next few years, but I feel like I've got a point that deserves some attention now.  Do you remember the Broncos of the 80's and 90's?  Those were the boys I grew up with and Sundays was our day.  It seemed like the town shut down and you were either at a neighbors house or the neighbors were at your place and you know what we did?  We cheered for our team.  Let's repeat that, We (as a collective group) Cheered (as in, rooted) For (as opposed to against) Our (belonging to us) Team (not just Elway, but the Orange and Blue as a whole).  I think Denver will get back to that in this new regime.  See, to me, I don't care if the Broncos win the Super Bowl, I care that we (cue Frank) do it our way.  Win or lose we are playing Denver Bronco football.  What is that, exactly?

Steeler football?  Yeah, you know what that is.  Defense, rough and tough.  But Bronco football?  That lost its definition a few years ago but I'm here to remind you.  It's playing 60 minutes.  4 quarters.  That's why John is a god in this town, he understood that, and with everything on the line (his legacy included) just minutes before the team lined up for kickoff against the Packers John reminded the team "Let's play 60 minutes of Bronco football and we'll come out champs."  And he was right.  When he left us (sob, tear) there was this mentality that we were just that ONE player away from greatness.  That ONE Quarterback, that ONE Corner, that ONE D-Linemen ... and that was Mike's biggest mistake.  He failed to recognize that when John left the house needed to go with him.  That's not to say you can't keep the good furniture and even the same basic building blocks, but you can't change the drapes and make it in this town. 

And so, here we are ... the divorce got a bit ugly and feelings got hurt but the time has come for cooler heads to prevail and to remember why we did this in the first place.  It is truly for the best.  While the rest of the country will be paying attention to the number of W's, Bronco Country will be paying attention to another number, 60.  We could win 10 games, 12, 16, 2, 8 .... I don't care.  I care that I see the guys on the field walking away knowing that they gave their best effort.  That they played Bronco football.  They played their asses off and win or lose, they made Denver proud.  Our boys haven't earned that kind of respect over the last few years, and this new team hasn't had the opportunity yet so why should you??  Pat Bowlen.  That man deserves to be reminded how much we appreciate his dedication to this town and our team, so when the Bears come to town and our boys get to be in front of the Mile High crowd for the first time, I won't have the time or energy to waste on Jay Cutler, I'll be busy cheering for our team and I hope I’ve got Bronco Country behind me. 

It's almost here

A new beginning

Are you ready for some football???!!!!



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