Philip Rivers... A Comforting Blurb

Saw this on Yahoo, the title of the article is Hilarious in itself, considering what and who it's about.

                       "Philip Rivers gets beat by a high schooler, doesn't confiscate tape",176581


Cracked me up a little, even though it didn't really seem like much for a competition. Still enjoyable to trash talk Rivers a little.  It will certainly be different, without the rivalry like Jay and he had, and with the creaming they handed us most recently, seems Philip kinda had the last laugh of that chapter of it. Of course, their rivalry will continue for the remainder of at least one of their careers, but won't matter nearly as much to either team/player/team's fans....

Wanted to share that and basically sort of portray an overall outcome/comparison in stats of the rivalry.

Jay obviously had the upper hand in passing yards this season with a total of 4,526 - to Rivers' 4,009, since Rivers has been in the league longer and last season we were pretty pass-heavy, let's take a look at a cumulative total of '07 and '08 stats for some perspective.


                                Jay Cutler                     Philip Rivers

Passing Yards      8,023                             7,161

Completions         681                                 589

Attempts                 1,083                              938

Percentage            62.95                              62.75

TD's                         45                                    55

Rushing TD's        3                                       1

Rushing Att.           101                                  60

Rushing Yds.         405                                 117

Interceptions          32                                    26

Fumbles                  16                                   19

Fumbles Lost         6                                     10

Total Turnovers      38                                   36

Times Sacked        38                                   47

And good call NYC - here are some crucial stats that I missed

TD%                          4.2                                  5.85

INT %                        2.95                                2.8

Rating                       87.05                             93.95

Those added stats do supplement the evidence that Philip is the lesson giver....


Looking at the numbers that really count, TD's and Int's, Rivers is on top, but we all know how many elements come into play in this sport and this is why stats can belie so much.  If I had to pick a QB only having these stats as criteria to select from (obviously excluding names), I might just pick (Jay), especially considering only throwing 145 more attempts, but still completing 92 more passes, this is why I highlighted rushing yards as well, I personally like a QB who CAN produce rushing yards, not necessarily has to, or does. IMHO Jay was always was a little run happy (especially his rookie year, in preseason LOL!!!).....

Also noteworthy, Cutler had 8 fumbles and lost 2 in his rookie season, only playing in five games - Rivers had the exact same number of fumbles and played in 16 games

I like to try and look at performance and of course, point out how "Our guy" was better, but this was more of just pointing it out for a little more Cutler closure, if you will. Like I said, I might just pick the QB with a couple more turnovers, and less TD's if I had a gut feeling, but seeing that we can actually watch players play and gauge their potential more accurately than stats can, with my Broncos bias, I still would have picked Cutler. Now, as far as who came out as the 'top dawg' and removing bias/ looking at it objectively..... What do you all think, did this rivalry end with Cutler being the better performer? I personally have to say that Rivers seems to have had the upper hand, but I also believe that Cutler's last game as a Bronco has a huge part in my feeling that way.

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