"Meet The New Coaches" Part III

Offensive Line/Quarterbacks Coach:

Jeremy Bates came to the Denver broncos in 2006 as an offensive assistant to Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison and coaching the offensive line. The Broncos in his first year had two RB's who posted at least 670 rushing yards with Tatum Bell (1,025 yds.) and undrafted rookie Mike Bell (677 yds.) both enjoying productive seasons. 2007 would be a very productive year for Bates as the quarterback/wide receiver coach directing two  second year players in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall very good years. Cutler's 63.3 pass completion percentage was the 3rd best in Denver annals, and Marshall's 102 receptions for 1,325 yards were the 3rd most by a second year player. Bates became the quarterbacks coach in 2008 directing QB Jay Cutler to a stellar year as far as stats are concerned and a trip to the Pro Bowl. The graph below will give you an idea of how our quarterbacks produced last year under the guidance of Bates.

J. Cutler 616 384 62.3 4526 7.3 25 18 93 11/69 86.0
P. Ramsey 3 2 66.7 19 6.3 0 0 10 1/5 84.0
E. Royal 1 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 0 0/0 2.1
TEAM 620 386 62.3 4545 7.3 25 18 93 12/74 85.9
OPP 496 333 67.1 3787 7.6 20 6 74 25/131 98.2


Bates sees the writing on the wall as Josh Mcdaniels is selected to the new Head Coach position. He started looking for a way out of Dodge (Denver) right away, and on Jan 19, 2009 University of Southern California head Coach Pete Carroll hired him as their Offensive Coordinator. At 32 Jeremy still has a bright future ahead for himself. His departure from Denver and the firing of Mike Shanahan may have been the spark that set Jay Cutler's escapade off and trade to Chicago.

I like the words of dcrespo 7:
"Forget for a moment how Cutler ran himself out of Denver for a second. There was a time when a QB was either smart enough to learn the West Coast Offense or not. It was, and in many instances, and still is the offense with the most balance. To speculate that Cutler couldn’t learn this offense is just a discredit to everything he had accomplished. We’re better than that as fans."

"I believe had cooler heads prevailed, Cutler would have had that light go off in his head. Not the decision making, not the play calling, nor trusting his defense. That light in his head would have been “I don’t have to win the game with this throw, on this down”. Not just Cutler but many QBs go through this spell where they have to win the game because of the hero concept. As a reference, look at Big Ben. He’s been in the league longer and still makes questionable passes but he’s trying to be an elite player spoken in the same breath as P. Manning and T. Brady. I get that and by no means am I gonna hold any QB striving to be that type of player."

Just a few good words from our dearly departed disgruntled quarterback: "I think with the offensive staff we had, we were moving ahead," Cutler said. "I had just met with Mike to go over everything, talk about the things we wanted to do, make sure we were going the right way on offense."

Cutler was particularly interested to hear what the fate of current quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates would be. Bates just finished his first year as the team’s play caller on game day.

Bates also recently turned down an offer from Lane Kiffin to be the offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee after Shanahan had extended Bates’ contract for two more seasons, through 2011.

"And he had an option to go to Tennessee, and maybe that’s still on the table for him," Cutler said. "But to lose all of our offensive coaches, too, that would be a big thing. Guys like Jeremy (Bates), (receivers coach Jedd) Fisch, that would be a step back for us, in my mind."

Bates' handling of Cutler kind of reminded me of someone wanting to jack up someones stats rather than help the WHOLE team succeed and win. Gun slinging from the hip doesn't get the job done, it takes a play scheme, planning and a system that will get everyone involved to win. I believe we were somewhat void of that. I for one am glad he is gone, how about you.

Meet the new Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy.

Mike's roots go back to 1995 when he was a rookie free agent in the Broncos training camp as a quarterback. He is no stranger to Broncolandeven though he didn't make the team and spent the '95 season on the practice squad in Green bay. Mike played professional football with NFL Europe's Amsterdam Admirals in 1997 and spent one game on San Francisco's roster as its third quarterback that year. McCoy competed in training camp withPhiladelphia in 1998 before concluding his playing career with the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampeders in 1999.

Mike McCoy was born April 2, 1972 in San Francisco, Ca and grew up in Novato near the Bay Area. Mike spent his first two years of college at the University of Long beach as a quarterback under the Legendary Head Coach George Allen, before moving on to the University of Utah where he finished out his college playing days. Mike's most memorable play in his college career came in 1994 when he threw a game-winning, 5-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Kevin Dyson in the final minute to give Utah a 16-13 win against Arizona in the Freedom Bowl.

McCoy's coaching career began with Carolina as its offensive assistant in 2000, and he was thrust into the quarterbacks coaching role four weeks into the season. He worked closely with veteran Steve Beuerlein, helping him total 3,730 passing yards that ranked seventh in the NFL.

Mike would have a variety of roles as a coach with the Panthers. In 2001 while McCoy was the wide receivers coach, he did a good job with an injury prone corps. During this season he also helped veteran Issac Byrd to his best NFL season in his career. And also training the then rookie Steve Smithfor the future. Wide receivers Mushin Muhammad and Donald Hayes each recorded 50+catch and 500+receiving yards under McCoy's instruction that year as well.

In 2002 Fox was signed as the third head coach of the Panthers, whose previous coach George Seifert had led the team to a disastrous 1-15 record in 2001. Fox's first regular season game was a 10-7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens which ended the Panthers'15-game losing streak dating to the previous season. Fox and the Panthers posted a 7-9 record for the 2002 season (his first with the team), demonstrating a drastic improvement over the previous season. With the arrival of new head coach John Fox in 2002 McCoy saw himself go back to the job of offensive assistant. Mike would perform his duties under the demotion with the same enthusiam as he had the previous season.

With the drastic improvement in 2002 (7-9) over the previous year (1-15) HC John Fox would promote Mike to the Quarterbacks Coach for the 2003 season where he would tutor and mentor undrafted free agent QB Jake Delhomme. The season would be a huge success. The Panthers would go a surprising 11-5, to earn the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs. They would defeat the Dallas Cowboys 29-10 in the Wild Card playoffs. The next week, in St. Louis, the game would go to double overtime and, on the first play of the second overtime, Steve Smith caught a pass by Jake Delhomme and took it 69 yards into the endzoneto put an end to the game. The Panthers came close to winning their first Super Bowl with the game tied, Adam Vinatierikicked a 41-yard field goal to give New England the lead, 32-29, with four seconds left in the game. New England would win the game and end a Cinderella type story. Mike McCoy has Super Bowl experience guiding Jake Delhomme and the Panther offense to a 11-5 regular season record. Not bad for an offensive assistant the year before.

In 2004 the Panthers would be decimated by injuries, which led them to a 1-7 record after 8 games. Despite a late season charge, they finished 7-9, narrowly missing the playoffs.  During this time McCoy consistently worked with Jake Delhomme, playing a huge role in how Jake Delhomme would play his career.

2005 was another banner year for Mike McCoy and the Carolina Panthers posting a 11-5 record once again making it to the playoffs. In the Wild Card game against the Giants, the Panthers astonished the Giants with a 23-0 shut out victory at their own home field in front of 79,378 stunned fans. The next week at Soldier Field in Chicago the Panthers under quarterback Jake Delhomme would beat the Bears 29-21. In the NFC Championship game at Qwest Field in Seattle the tide would change, and the Seahawks would trounce the Panthers 34-14 never letting them ever get off the ropes offense wise. IMHO the Seattle Seahawksshould have won the Super Bowl that year. McCoy's efforts with Delhomme helped the quarterback tie for fourthin the league with 24 touchdown passes to earn his first Pro Bowl selection that season.

In 2006, Delhommeregistered a career-high 61.0 completion percentage with McCoy's instruction helping him post a 1.55 touchdown-to-interception ratio (17-11) that was the 10th best in the league. The 2006 Carolina Panthers season began with the team trying to improve on their 11-5 record and return to (at least) the NFC Championship Game like they did in 2005. They failed, going 8-8 and barely missing the playoffs. His teaching helped Delhommetotal 89 touchdown passes in the four-year period from 2003-06 that represented the fifth-highest total in the NFL.

2007 would cause a myriad of problems for Quarterbacks Coach Mike McCoy having to start 4  (Delhomme, David Carr, Matt Moore and Vinny Testaverde) different quarterbacks in a season. None of them started more than 3 games in a row and the offense suffered tremendously as a result of it.

2008 the Panthers 12-4 finish tied their best in franchise history, which occurred in the 1996 season.  McCoy's instruction helped Delhomme rank fourth in the NFL in yards per pass attempt (7.9) and register his fourthcareer 3,000-yard passing effort (3,288). His passing offense featured a 1,421-yard receiving output from Smiththat was the third best in the league and resulted in the wide receiver earning a Pro Bowl berth. Our most memorable game withthe Panthers of late came with a 30-10 beating:

The Panthers completed their home schedule with a spotless 8-0 record last week, defeating the Denver Broncos 30-10. Denver scored its only points on its first two possessions of the game before Carolina pulled away, scoring the game's final 20 points to improve to 11-3 on the season.

Mike McCoy's roller coaster tenure with the Panthers illustrates his prowess of developing quarterback Jake Delhomme. The Panthers totaled three playoff appearances, two division titles, two NFC Championship Game appearances and a berthin Super Bowl XXXVIII (2003 season) during McCoy's nine years on staff. Carolina tied for second on offense in the nfc during Mike's years (2003-08) with them posting a 56-40 (.583) record. Seeing an increased role in coaching its offense in that six-year period, Mike displayed a nack of piecing together an injury prone offense that would bounce back and win time and time again. Whether Kyle Orton can (I project him to be the starting QB)  flourish in McCoy's offense is yet to be seen, one can only hope. I am sure McDaniels will be a big part of that process too.

HC Josh McDaniels thinks Mike McCoy can guide this offense to the Big Show, what do you think?

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