Marching in time with the MSM

Apologies to those of you who have tired of the "The MSM is a bunch of idiots" motif, but this one is such a perfect little example--to the point of parody--that I couldn't pass it up....

So, over on the 4-letter network's blogsite, the training camp "Power Rankings" are out, and the home team weighs in at a predictable 27th out of 32 teams. Fine. Cut it out and put it in that box over there.  We already know that we're going to need a bigger bulletin board well before the sun sets on the preseason. The guys are already in the locker room measuring the wall....

What is just classic, however, is Pork Chop's "rebuttal." He's been displaced as the voting expert on the AFC West, but feels the need to weigh in anyway--in a column called "Breaking Down the AFC West Power Rankings":

Our pre-training camp power rankingss have been released.

We have streamlined the voting process. I no longer have a vote. AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky is the AFC representative.

I still have an opinion though, so here goes:

Could it be?  A possible original opinion from the MSM? Hold onto your hats, ladies and gents...

Kuharsky ranked the Bolts 6th.  Williamson's "dissenting" opinion: 6th-8th .....

The Chiefs show up at number 28. Williamson concurs: 28th-30th

The Raiders at number 30 get some love from PC, who feels they're underrated ("this team is not the third worst team in the league" he declares) and adjusts them to 25-28th (conceding that they're maybe the 5th worst....)

And the Broncos? Instead of #27, he's got them at 24-26....

I think Denver was slightly under ranked, but I understand why. There are a lot of questions about this team after a controversial offseason.

Now there's an opinion to hang that hat on..... Way to "break down" those power rankings.....!

Seriously, why in the world did you bother writing this column at all?? So that seven months hence when the final snap has been snapped, and the purely subjective final "Power Ranking" is released, you can say, "I knew the Raiders would be 28th not 30th! I just knew it!!"   Strikes me as the perfect illustration of a group of "experts" that are contractually or genetically forbidden to think for themselves....

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