David Letterman's Top Ten: Ways To piss Jay Cutler off

(disclaimer: This is purely intended for entertainment, I do not represent and am not David Letterman, I didn't really know if I should spell his name wrong on purpose to avoid any issue, or use the phrase 'piss off' for that matter... but there I went... And I respect Jay Cutler as a player, and would have loved to have seen what him and Our new coach could have accomplished together)

That being said and assuming that we all have a sense of humor (which is the emphasis for this, in case you aren't familiar with Letterman's top ten) and know a little history of Jay, Dave and recent ongoings.....

David Letterman's Top Ten: Ways To piss Jay Cutler off


10. - Have a referee make a bad call.

9. - Push him into the pool at the Pro-Bowl.

8. - After pushing him into the pool at the Pro-Bowl, have him come into the game, trying to make up for a defecit.

7. - Have him and John Elway actually have a strong-arm competition.

6. - Watch his reaction when he throws an interception.

5. - Throw Bus Cook in jail.

4. - Start calling him Neckbeard.

3. - No one buys his houses in Denver... Ever.

2. - Pretend there's a hint of a chance to have his favorite target be traded to the same team he was.


1. - Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels agree to hire Mike Shannahan as Quarteback Coach for the Denver Broncos.


I had thought of number one, debating on what they would hire Mike to do, and what he would realistically be cool with... Then realized, it doesn't really matter, and of all things, how ironic.... Then #2 came to mind, and naturally, # 6 and #10.... But then when I thought of #7 I had to post it. I really bare no ill-will toward Jay just because of the situation, but this certainly seems to show a lot of what my subconcious, presumably, has gone through....

Anyway, I hope I wasn't the only one who got a kick out of it, and was excited to find out that the Bears and the Broncos don't have the same Bye-week, so at least we'll be able to have a game we can all fully enjoy and relate to in some degree during Our Bye. 

I will be posting a hypothetical 53 man roster, this week and one thing I keep coming back to is only keeping two QB's, in order to allow another position's depth... Thoughts on that, and of course any cleverness you might amend/ add to the aforementioned list here?

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