Is McDaniels Happy with the Negative Press?

This post is conjecture.  This is an area where facts are hard to come by.


As we all know, negative comments are being said about the Broncos and McDaniels daily by the truck load.  Has anyone noticed that there's no attempt to defend the Broncos by the owner, the HC, the coaching staff, the PR team , or the players?  No attempt by McDaniels to defend himself against vicious attacks and name calling?   Like the commercial says, "That's not natural." 

Normally, verbal bashing triggers negative feelings (hurt, fear), and there's a defensive response.  Just look at all the troll behavior in the comment sections of the MSM columns for proof of the phenomenon: attack -- defend (and likely attack back) behavior. 


So how can we explain, Josh's and the organization's  "That's not natural" behavior, this non-response?  Here's my conjecture:  McDaniels sees all the predictions of a losing season as an advantage. In fact, it makes him happy. (Otherwise it would be eating him inside out like Ebola.)

Let's assume that Josh is the kind of coach that looks for any advantage over opponents he can get.  If the SD Chargers are "given" the division without even playing a game, then the Broncos are not on their radar, then that's a good thing.  Without a legitimate opponent in the division, most likely, SD won't practice as hard or prepare as well.   At the same time, McDaniels, staff and players can secretly be focusing on preparing to out-wit and out-compete the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders.  

We all know that the Patriots are secretive and love using surprise as an advantage.  What greater surprise is there than when a doormat team out-plays the division favorite?  Deception and confusion are weapons that help win games, is that not true?

To understand the silence in the face of verbal attacks, there must be a coordinated effort by everyone in the Broncos organization, from owner, HC, coaching starff, PR and players not to address these charges of incompetency, low morale, and disarray.  The HC is letting everyone think the Broncos are trash, while the team and organization are focusing on how to take all 6 games from our division foes.  

Isn't it interesting that the Broncos have former coaches from the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders?

Isn't it interesting that no one is trying to stop or counter all this negaive press?

It can't be an oversight.  My conjecture is that McDaniels is smiling and very content being compared to the Raiders and wants to keep it that way as long as possible.  

The more Woody whines, the better.


What do you think?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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