RE: Run Game Deux

Though Denver ranked 12th in the NFL rushing the ball, many of the runs were rather empty long gains between the 20 yard line.  Here is something I feel is important and wanted to piggy back on your point:
TOTAL FIRST DOWNS      249 (Denver)    229 (Opposition)
By Rushing                       65 (26%)              87 
By Passing                     164 (66%)             127
By Penalty                          20 (8%)              15

Seems respectable as we compare it to where Denver finished (8-8).  What jumps out at me are the penalties, very disciplined on both sides of the ball considering its 8% first downs during the season.  66% of our first downs are through the air. Our RB committee by default netted 26%.

TIME OF POSSESSION      18:50 (Denver)     20:00  (Opposition)
Again, a very respectable ratio in my opinion so Denver was clearly in games considering the talent on the offensive line, wide receivers, and quarter back.  Sure we know the defense was not the greatest.  We know about the occasional interception, fumble and the 20 penalties netting a first down in favor of the opposition.

Rushing Touchdowns    15 (Denver)      21 (Opposition)
We know the numbers.  7 RBs and IR, the most important stat among Denver fans.  Of these 15 touchdowns (don't have the energy to research), I wonder how many were where they mattered, inside the Red Zone.

Now in anticipation of a resourceful reader, I also have our overall penalties and again we'll see that Denver wasn't too far from where the opposition had their share of error.  I just imagine one pass play that cost Denver 40 yards in pass interference.


Number and Yards


55-551 (Denver)


54-511 (Opposition)


I think with the addition of Moreno, retaining Hillis (rumored at one point to be trade bait), and bringing in veterans such as Jordan, Buckhalter, and the versatility of Larsen, I think this regime will not allow themselves not to be prepared in the event injuries decimate our depth chart again and that is important to know.  Regardless of who's running the ball and what the situation is when any of these RBs numbers are called, one thing is certain, we'll be better prepared and I think that there alone will have 2-3 games we maybe have no business winning.  Some call it luck, I like to the idea of being prepared for opportunity.

*Note* I decided instead of responding to everyone's take on my original fanpost, it'd be only fair to address the many good takes on the comments. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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