Help Floyd Little get in the HOF - What you need to do before August 25th!

Floyd's getting in the Hall, that's what's happening! 

(To see our most recent update on Floyd Little posted earlier today - Click here.  Also, if you haven't already read it, check out firstfan's letter to the senior committee here.)

With the HOF proceedings now in the rear-view mirror, the heated HOFdebates we all engage in start to die down and are put on the back burner with the approaching football season.  We as the HOF Committee are committed to keeping our very deserving players on the forefront of the Hall of Fame debate until all those that are hall worthy are there.  To that end, we have a very important deadline approaching:

On August 25th, the Senior Committee is meeting to determine which two players are going to be their nominees.   From the responses we've gotten from these selectors, we know that for sure Floyd in is the mix of their discussions.  Now is the time for all Bronco fans to rise up and let our voice be heard loud as rocky mountain thunder.  We've got 15 days until things are decided and we've got little time to waste.  What follows are suggestions, guidelines, resources, and email templates so that we may let the Seniors Committee know with all our collective might that Floyd's getting in the Hall, that's what's happening! 

Who should you contact?

The following are the email addresses for the Senior Selection Committee.  Only one of them, as far as we can tell, has a twitter account and that's included as well.

Dan Pompei -

Rick Gosselin -

John McClain -

Edwin Pope -

Ron Borges - and

John Czarnecki -

Dave Goldberg - and

Ira Miller -

Len Shapiro -



Below are three samples that you can use to create your emails to the voters.  While the act of sending out these emails is noble indeed, putting your own personal touch on them is greatly encouraged.  (In other words don't directly cut, paste and send the templates below.  We don't want to dillute our important message by inundating the voters with two hundred of the same email over and over.)

Mr. Sportswriter,

I am emailing you today asking you to please include Floyd Little in the Seniors Committee final 2 nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  His impact on the city of Denver and the Broncos franchise cannot be understated.  As a humanitarian and as a player, he affected the Broncos and the community, winning several community service awards while become a 5-time pro bowler.  Floyd means the world to the Broncos and their fans, as can be seen here:, and I hope you can help us in letting the world know what a great player he was and what a great man he is.


My Name

Mr. Sportswriter,

I'm a Denver Broncos fan and it hurts me to see that there are absolutely no Hall of Famers representing the franchises first 25 years of existence.  Nobody from the AFL days, the post-merger years, or even the Orange Crush era.  Of all of the Broncos that played in that time period, there is one player that really meant the world to the franchise and the fans:  Floyd Little.  Floyd came into the NFL bearing that fabled #44 from Syracuse and continued to play well in orange while in Denver.  Floyd retired as the 7th leader rushing of all-time after playing for some terrible Denver teams, which is very impressive considering he was often the team's only option.  As one longtime fan puts it: "Denver's offense was Little left, Little right, try a pass, then punt".


My name

Mr. Sportswriter,

As a Pro Football Hall of Fame senior committee voter, I am writing you today on behalf of not only Denver Bronco fans, but more specifically fans of Floyd Little.  In 1967 this exceptional Running Back was the first ever 1st round draft pick the Broncos were able to sign.  His exceptional and important contributions to the game of football earned him the moniker of “The Franchise”.   I could cut and paste his stats and the stats of Hall of Fame members into the body of this email to show you his qualifications, but stats don’t show his most important contribution to the NFL.  Simply put, Floyd Little was a special player that was instrumental in taking the Broncos from the second rate second class mountain franchise to the perennial contender it’s been for the last thirty-five years.  Since Little’s window has closed with the traditional selection committee, I am urging you to reassess and re-evaluate Little for Hall of Fame consideration when next the Senior Selection Committee meets.  It’s his time. He needs to be acknowledged for what he’s done for the NFL. 


My Name

Suggestions, Guidelines and Things to Keep in Mind.

  • The voters are human too, and many of them are very nice people.  Please treat them with respect and they will be respectful back and more likely to listen or respond.
  • When you send an email, you represent all Broncos fans, just remember that.
  • Spellcheck!
  • Have your wife, girlfriend, daughter, boyfriend, or mom read your letter over.  Another pair of eyes can do nothing but help.
  • Don't mention MHR sent you.  We might be organizing this here, but this is a Bronco fan campaign, not an MHR campaign.  This is a 'grassroots' movement to mobilize, not a spam campaign from a sports blog.
  • Draw the connection to his importance to the NFL overall and not just the Broncos.
  • Mention the landscape of the Broncos/NFL before he got there and after he left.
  • Don’t be contemptuous, angry or acknowledge any real or perceived anti-Broncos conspiracy.
  • Be cordial, polite, enthusiastic and convincing. 
  • While important to the debate, don't over inundate the voters with a litany of stats.
  • Put your heart into these letters.  Emotion and conviction may be the just be the difference maker!
  • Other Resources and Sites:
    Sign the the petition!!!
    Look at his stats:


    You've got the tools, now get down to business!  Feel free to share this post/information with any and all Broncos fans you know.  Floyd needs all the support he can get and we got to give it to him.  There's a lot of important work do and we all need to come together to get the message out there!  Floyd's getting in the Hall, that's what's happening! 



    P. S. Don't worry, we haven't lost sight of Shannon Sharpe.  When his deadlines start to loom, we'll do the same for him!  Also, please rec this so this fanpost information will remain up for a few days.

    This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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