In the Valley of Lala -- Mornin' Practice 8/11

Made the 130 mile round trip to camp this a.m.  No traffic, gorgeous day, weather in the mid-80's lots of pretty girls!  Absent today were Dawkins, Marshall, Gaffney, Haggan, Stokley, Jordan, and McBean as far as I could tell.  Ryan Harris was out there full speed, looked fine, in fact happy.

There were drills and then Brandstater led the scout team against the first team defense.  Some of the players were renumbered for the occasion.  Folks I had my eye on were not visible in the action from my vantage point.

I had a good look at receivers and backs, as their drills were right in front of me.

WR/TE: Nate Swift stood out, didn't drop a ball all morning.  McKinley did, and also had some nice snags.  C.J. Jones ran Gaffney's parts and looked competent, not that he has much of a chance.  Eddie Royal got audibly very frustrated -- in an entertaining way after a post pattern went off his fingertips.  Otherwise, Andre Goodman looked like he could cover Eddie step for step like a blanket and I had a good feeling from that.  Graham, Sheffler and Quinn are an impressive an array of tight ends - these are some fit looking mothers!.  Sheffler is full on.  Quinn looked good in drills and then dropped two in a row when it mattered, although Simms threw one at his knees.  Jeb Putzier looks in shape, in case someone goes down I guess.

RB: Buckhalter just looks slick.Good thing Knowshon is very dodgy because appears to be just a little runt.  You can tell his charisma is gigantic, however.   It was neat to watch Hillis - he is a man among boys - take it into the line, catch it in the flat and crack back on receivers.  He just looks outstanding.  Poor Ryan Torain, he looks o.k., but he carries himself like one of the odd men out  - and that was kind of sad to see.

Quarterbackwise, Orton and Simms looked completely comfortable - they were running the plays for Friday night, none of which appreared to be run from the shotgun.  They spent more time on that wildcat, crap, if you ask me.

Defensively, I did not see that much till they went 11 on 11.

First string line definitely includes Peterson and Fields, but they kept tossing in everyone at the ends, although I did not notice Powell, Pdescleaux, Thomas or Davis at all..  Jarvis Moss looks healthy and finally saw some animation from him when he started shoving Patrick Marray.  He was lined up at defensive end in the nickel and dime packages.  Saw a lot of Andra Davis, I have to say Ayers looks good standing at OLB but to my untrained eye, looks lost after the snap.  Did not see Woodyard, Robinson or Barrett in the action.

Saw some work on kickoff returns, they went to Smith, Willis and a couple to Moreno and McKinley.

The highlight of day was at the end, I got Graham's autograph.  He is as nice as he is tough.   Wished him a good season and he thanked me.

I grabbed some retro gear for the Browns game, can't wait!

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