Unintended consequences and other observations

Pictures are emerging with every nugget posted by our able leaders and fellow fans. Thanks for being our training camp eyes fellow zealots.

One: Most are assuming our offensive line will be the most stable and dependable of all positions.  Have we thought about the consequences of shifting from our zone blocking to including pulling linemen?  I suspect we will see a number of missed assignments as our line adjusts to the counter measures of the defense in terms of taking advantage of the holes created by this unfamiliar, for the Broncos, technique.

Two: Giving immense credit to a previous MHR article re field position is necessary on this point for it too sparked mental pictures of consequences, positive in every way on this point.  Coffin corner kicks or pinning the receiving team to one corner of the field holds it's risks but the odds are higher that the results will be in our favor in terms of gaining field position.  The high percentage of kickoffs out of the end zone means  the average starting field position will likely be lower and certainly less risky than the potential for a big return.  I am salavating at the thought of our special teams coverage contributing to pinning the enemy further back and creating turnovers, be it stripping the ball or blocking kicks.

Three: Our high percentage offense is very likely to break a good number of long plays but my crystal ball says few of those gains will be the resutl of long bombs and more by break outs from shorter yardage plays.  This translates to an improved ratio of time of posssession, which means the other teams offense gets few opportunities to score.

Four: Some of our brethren's posts have mentioned our interior D-line is pushing back the line of scrimmage, which is absoltely music to my ears.  Remember, the general media says our front 7 is a bunch of dogs.  Then, why are they pushing back the O-best line in football.  Me thinks Baker, Fields, Thomas, and others are far more than servicable big boddies.  Ladies and gentlement, we may have some real talent lurking there.  Yes, they need some experience and will make the mistakes of those lacking in the same BUT THEY HAVE TALENT!

Five: Well, this is more of a wish than an observation.  Please!  Junk the dadgum prevent defense!  For the life of me I can't figure out why a defense goes into a prevent if they've been doing job without one.  Somehow, it just feels like the prevent will be less of McDaniells style as his thinking seems to counter trend nearly every norm in NFL football.

Six: Think back to McDaniel's comments about a Bronco draft board that was dramatically reduced in number due to a focus on specific individuals, with specific skills, for a specific system.  Is it possible/probable  that our free agents were selected in the same manner?  If so, is it possible/probable that the Bronco FAs were not 2nd teamers but hidden gems waiting to be placed in the right system?

Oh man, this is my favorite time of the year!  All the new talent for us to evaluate/speculate as to not only making the team but those having a near term to immediate impact.  Throw in what appears to be highly innovative thinking on both sides of the ball and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!

Okay, okay, I know, tone it down.  Geez, this is only the first preseason game right?  I'm sure there will be one or two of us glued to the game with similar passion but not much more than that right?


Go Broncos!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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