The Denver Broncos - Pound for Pound



When the Broncos are said to have been 16th in the league in scoring in 2008, I have a comment I'd like to make. We scored 370 points last year, which put us at 16th out of all 32 teams. That makes sense, and I think we all understand that with no objection. But where I have an issue is that we are not using the best statistics to rank the team's offensive productivity that year.

Although the MSM continues to refer to total yards while we at MHR refer to scoring, we all have not paid enough emphasis on red zone scoring, which is where we can truly focus on offensive efficiency and productivity, or lack thereof.

Scoring more points certainly help achieve a win better than racking up more yards, but even more importantly, I believe that red zone efficiency is the best measure of an offense. However, for the life of me, I cannot find any red zone efficiency stats for 2008, or any year for that matter, online. Is it perhaps because they don't exist? If that's the case, I think they should!

The MSM is doing a major disservice to the fans by feeding them statistics that are often meaningless. I want to see NFL statisticians calculate red zone efficiency, for each team, each year, determining who could or could not score when inside the opponent's 20. And whether a TD was scored by rushing or throwing should not matter, only that the offense found a way to score 6 points. (I would expect coaches to go into TDs scored by rushing vs throwing the football, but for the fans, ranking an offense using red zone scoring ought to be fair enough.)

I want to also add that I'd love nothing more, than for the NFL to adopt a universal measure for ranking an offense in the league. A team's offense should not be ranked 2nd in the league when the statistic being cited is merely yards, nor should a team's offense be ranked based on total points scored during the season. The New Orleans Saints were #1 in scoring and yards last year, yet they could not make the playoffs.

Call me a pessimist, but since so much of what the MSM does is entertain the "casual" fans, I don't see this happening any time soon.

The 2008 Denver Broncos were like a fighter who could land a lot of blows, but could not finish the opponent when it mattered. We lacked a "killer instinct," and we suffered for it. With coach McDaniels' apparent focus on situtational football for our offense (as well as D and ST) in practices, I do believe that in time, this team will become more efficient, and just like a great pound for pound fighter, come through when it matters.

Here's a great article on the Broncos' lack of success on offense last year, despite measuring up statistically to that of the 2007 New England Patriots:

With all the great coaching taking place with our team, I will be watching our red zone performance in 2009. I hope we will be much improved. What are your thoughts?

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