Remember Broncos be courteous tomorrow

The Denver Broncos will play for the first time as a collective group tomorrow night in San Francisco. this game of little meaning but filled with many matters should give the players a good look at how they will play together and gel better as a team. It will give us fans a view of certain players we have watched play for other teams, Pro and College and give us a first hand glimpse of our future. As a diehard Bronco fan I have one request to all of you players. Play hard, play smart, play aggressively, play tough and most of all play courteously.

Defensive Backs:

Be courteous when you step in front of your receiver and bat down a pass, always say, better luck next time.

Be courteous when the receiver catches a pass and you roll over and strip the ball out for a fumble in which you pick it up and return it for a touch down, walk by the quarterback and tell him, don't bring stuff back here.

Be courteous when you hit a crossing pattern receiver so hard his helmet turns cross ways on his head. Always help him twist it back around straight.

Be courteous when your number is called for a corner back blitze and you knock the ball out of the quarterbacks hands  stopping a scoring drive. Always tell the quarterback how sorry you are that his throwing hand now needs ice. Just be courteous.

Front 7:  

Be courteous when you stop the run for a loss. Always show the world that Lou Ferigno has nothing compared to your bi-ceps.

Be courteous how you push the OLine back into the quarterback causing a 1/2 sack by both OLB. Make sure you tell the quarterback how he should just stay down and he won't get hurt.

Be courteous when you strip the ball from the running backs hands as he struggles to get through a clogged up line. You want to ask him why he didn't call you for lunch yesterday.

Be courteous in the way you intimidate the OLine and cause them a false start for the 3rd time. Don't be talking trash about their momma or their girl friend, always be courteous.

Be courteous when the front 3 stand up the OLine on a passing play andtip the ball causing an interception. Just say, don't come back over here with that weak stuff.

Offensive Line:

Be courteoous when you have worn down the defense to the point where they have their hands on their hips during play calling. Don't say, what's the matter too many twinkies this week.

Be courteous how you block down the line creating holes big enough for the "Frig" to run through. Just tell them relax man this is just the first quarter.

Be courteous when the defense tries to sack our quarterback and the tight end rolls out for a reception and big yardage. Don't be so discourteous as to say, 'You don't get fooled again'...not.

Be courteous when you quarterback sneak for a 5 yard gain. What's wrong...what's wrong? Man, you actually thought you were going to give us inches? Don't say, you better go sit down for a little while, you look tired.

Wide Receivers:

Be courteous and don't tell the DB to put another quarter in the JUKE box, that's just not cool.

Be courteous when you streak by your defender and catch the ball for a huge gain. You don't want to tell him he had a 3 legged turtle pass him up 30 yards back.

Be courteous when you stop and turn a DB out of his shoes before sprinting down the sidelines to score. Hey, you want me to re-lace those for ya? Be courteous.

Running Backs:

Be courteous when you block a LB almost twice your size. Don't ask him if he had his Wheaties today?

Be courteous when you run over the top of your defender causing him to go sprawling on his face. What's up dude?

Be courteous  Hillis when you flatten 2 defenders who were unsuccessful in trying to tackle you. Don't pat them on the helmet and say, maybe next time.

Be courteous in the end zone after you rush for your 3rd touch down. Don't say, whew, you guys tackle worser than my sister. Just be courteous.


Be courteous after you complete your 25th pass and 2nd touch down. Don't clap in their faces and say, great job fellas.

Be courteous when you side step defenders trying to sack you and complete a long pass down the field. Don't point at them and say, I told you so, I told you so.

Be courteous after you make a successful run for 20 yards go into your slide and get a call for a late hit. Don't say, congratulations, you are the stupidest player I've ever played against.

Be courteous when the games over and you meet the opposing players at mid field. Don't say, you guys are going to miss the other Mike.

I just want all of you players to be courteous when you play tomorrow and show the world what you are made of. If any of you have anything to say to the players now is the time. And remember always be courteous when you play.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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