Kfustud's Thoughts and Experiences


            My thoughts on the first game. First of all: yes there is learning and improvement necessary for this team. I think most of the plays we didn't like weren't the result of bad personnel but misreads, blown assignments, and learning pains. This is what I would expect. I think it is very clear that at least compared to San Francisco our overall level of talent in Denver is better than their level of talent. I also think that our schemes looked superior overall.

            I have done some tough simulation training in my life. I failed a lot and it drove me nuts because I knew I was better than the guys who were passing. Looking back on it now though I laugh at my reactions and my foolishness.

            You see I would go into a simulator and my instructors would throw the book at me. Power failure here, computer failure here, backup failure, emergency procedure, random questions at inopportune times. Eventually I would crack and fail and get all ticked. Then I would sit and watch another person get in and the whole simulation went off by the book. Easy error overcome, objective accomplished, pass.

            At that time I figured I was going to wash out but you know what? It turned out they threw the book at me because they thought I was good. Because I was better than the other guys I watched. Looking back on it I should have known but it wasn't hitting me then.

            I was reminded of these experiences in my life last night. I saw Kyle Orton come out and the coach threw the book at him. Every play was a new formation, new personnel. The defense for SF was blown away, the announcers were blown away, and so was Kyle Orton. He failed.

            What got me was when Simms took the field it was a much different story. We saw fairly simple, in football terms and to me, straightforward plays. Consistent personnel. They looked good and so did he.

            So, what I learned was Orton doesn't have the offense down at the high difficulty setting, but at medium difficulty, like Simms, I bet he could run it. I just wanted to share my experience and observations. Maybe it will make you optimistic, don't get me wrong, last night brought back feelings of the worst parts of the last few years. However, I am looking for Orton to not make these mistakes again. I am looking for him to learn.

(Before you ask McGeorge, Yes it makes me feel better to think like this)

            Overall I loved the schemes I saw, I like the Defense and as a side note people were always saying how they saw Defensive penetration in camp and were concerned about the offense. Well it looks like our offensive line is fine our defense is just able to create penetration. This could be very good. It makes me feel good about our coaching.

            Still, Lots of room for improvement.

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