Strategic Competitiveness, the Xanders way

BedeshiBronco made an excellent observation hereand it got me thinking about Xanders and what the front office has been doing this year as far as competitiveness is concerned. What I found has given me a new found respect for Xanders and his staff.

In the business world, there are two primary ways to gain advantage over your competitors. The first and most common is to exploit an opportunity which can lead to an advantage.  For instance, when McDonald's created the "happy meal" and begin to build play pins in their stores, it created a strong advantage in consumers with young children. For the Broncos, this would be something like changing your schemes for the specific purpose gaining an advantage over other AFC West teams or drafting a player that could excel in your system.

The second is to remove or negate an advantage from your opponents, there by strengthening your over all competitiveness. Again, McDonald's began this in their market by introducing the "dollar menu". Does McDonalds make a strong profit from these items? Absolutely not, but it drove business away from their competitors.

Of course, the best opportunities are those that incorporate both an advantage for you and a loss for your competition. This is exactly what the front office has been doing all offseason and now into the preseason. Let's take a look at what Xanders has been doing.

Offseason pickups, attacking the Chiefs-

As BedeshiBronco pointed out, the Chiefs have been trying to pick up nearly every player from NE they can. We pick up Jabar Gaffney who has above average hands and knows McD’s system. The KC local writers have reported that the Chiefs WR have a bad case of the dropsies. Eventually, they brought in Armani Toomer because they are having such a tough time. Many people were upset by the pickup of long snapper Loni Paxton. Did you know that the KC LS, Thomas Gafford was signed as a free agent rookie late last year and only played in the last nine games? I didn’t, but I bet Xanders did. Is it coincidence that we "entertained" trades for Cassel, who just so happened to become KC’s new QB? Our latest pickup, Le Kevin Smith DL is really more a special teams player than a starter, and we can certanly use more DLs. But how in the world would Xanders know that they need someone for this position too? Because we have KC’s ex-Special Teams coach! And that leads me to my next point.

Coach changes-

With a new head coach it is common to see a major regime change in the other coach positions as well. But again, do you think it is sheer coincidence that four of our new coaches come from teams in our division?

Mike Priefer- Special Teams Coach is from KC

Don Martindale- LB Coach is from OAK

Clancy Barone- TE Coach is from SD

Wayne Nunnely- DL Coach is also from SD

By now, I hope you’re starting to see a trend. This is a classic example of taking an advantage away from your competition and giving it to your organization. This has also helped me understand some of the moves we did this offseason that just didn’t seem to have a solid explanation.  Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing your input!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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