Marshall's Worth

First let me state how I love this website.  Regardless if I agree or disagree with some of the posts, I have an arena where I can share insight, ideas and discuss Bronco football.  With all that being said, I like to share my opinion on Brandon Marshall's worth. 

His body of work in his three years as a Bronco.

Season Team Receiving Rushing Fumbles
G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Att Yds Avg Lng TD FUM Lost
2008 Denver Broncos 15 15 104 1,265 12.2 47 6 2 -4 -2.0 7 0 4 3
2007 Denver Broncos 16 16 102 1,325 13.0 68T 7 5 57 11.4 24 0 3 1
2006 Denver Broncos 15 1 20 309 15.5 71T 2 2 12 6.0 6 0 1 0
TOTAL 226 2,899 12.8 71 15 9 65 7.2 24 0 8 4

Very impressive indeed but I find a few things troubling.  Now in an interview from a few months back, Marshall had admitted that he had issues staying focused during the course of last year.  This was tough for me to understand let alone comprehend because he was playing in his third season meanwhile rookie Eddie Royal fooled the entire NFL as he performed beyond all expectations.  I bring this up because I don't believe Marshall will be successful in just any scheme (not sure what system was run in Central Florida where he played).

In order for Denver to truly get full value for Marshall, he'd best be suited to stay within a West Coast Offensive scheme where only the terminology and minor details will be required of him while the fundamentals are still in place.  This excludes the Giants, Jets and Titans as potential trade partners.  I think teams such as the Eagles (don't need WR), Texans (no need), Packers (no need) and Vikings (no need-unless Farve needs) would be ideal locations.

Brandon Marshall's stats could be better in my honest opinion.  CBs figured out a habitual pattern from Marshall, normally after a catch he takes a step back as if he's anticipating the CB to over pursue.  What defenses started to do was simply wait for this signature move and then converge.  I don't know about the rest of the community here but if you catch 100+ passes I'd expect 10+ touchdowns.  I like to think that for every ten passes caught one should result in a touchdown.

Now what is Marshall's worth?  First player that comes to mind is Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys who has caught a total of 281 passes and 30 touchdowns (1td per 10 catch formula).  I don't think both players are similar in performance or style but what Dallas paid Detroit for Williams' service are what interest me.

The proposal.  This year's 1st and 3rd and next year's 3rd.  The second 3rd can go up to a 2nd round selection in the event Marshall leads the team/league (can be negotiated between clubs) in yardage/reception/touchdowns or all.  If Brandon Marshall leads the team to either a Super Bowl or selected as NFL MvP, it would then change to a 1st rounder selection.  This is clearly a means of ensuring Marshall what Denver's evaluation would be of his talent combined with his potential given his short body of work in the NFL.  I also think its fair to say that if the deal falls apart, the agent will know that it was a fair approach on Denver's side to accommodate Marshall's attempt at a trade.

In closing I'm disappointed in Brandon's approach heading into this off season after Shanahan was replaced by McDaniels and Jay Cutler traded back in June 2nd.  I understand that management will employ an atmosphere, culture of selfless athletes striving for greatness through healthy, tough competition.  Marshall is not prepared for this regime or the expectations that most on the team have already committed too.  I also like to thank Bena's article for the inspiration to share this opinion.  I for one believe, if not know, that Marshall had quit on Denver it just wasn't apparent to all because of the trial looming.

Has Brandon Marshall quit on the Broncos?

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