Horse Tracks 8/2/09 - Clemons done for year? Jarvis done for good?


DP - Broncos' Moss leaves camp to think about future
Here's hoping that Jarvis is in the right frame of mind to make a good decision for himself.

DB - Day 2 Blog - Gray Caldwell
Lots of details from camp; Caldwell points out that there's now a scoreboard up for the practice field, although it wasn't used yesterday. Plus, any ball which hits the ground is now a fumble in practice; presumably another way to promote ball-hawking skills for everyone.

DB - Day 2 Report and Highlights - Broncos TV
Chris Hall wraps up the day's practices, with some great highlights at the end.

DB - Initial Impressions - Zach Eisendrath
Peyton Hillis is impressing everyone, no great surprise to anyone here. Champ, Hill and Thomas didn't stay on the PUP list for long; they practiced yesterday.

DB - Day 2: McDaniels - Broncos TV
McDaniels praises Peyton and says he doesn't know what Twitter and Facebook are.

DP - Marshall plays a position caught up in controversy - Mike Klis
Chris Simms believes that so many WRs are divas because, as he says, they're the best athletes on a football field. So they've been "the guy" their entire lives, and they expect to be treated as such even as professionals. Ted Sundquist thinks it might be a generational thing.

DP - Kiszla: Working on the Elvis Project
Kiszla says Dumervil's switch to LB and playing in pass coverage for the first time is the biggest risk for Denver in '09.

DP - McDaniels gets tough on tackling - Lindsay Jones

DP - Bailey, Thomas, Hill back at work in better shape
Nic Clemons may have suffered a season-ending knee injury.

DP - Klis: Bell ready to step into breach, again
Tatum is waiting by the phone again; meanwhile, the draft picks around Knowshon and Ayers are starting to sign, so hopefully they're getting closer to a deal.

C - Ex-CSU offensive lineman Oldenburg looks to carve out spot for himself with Broncos

DP - Position battle: Tight end - Jeff Legwold

DP - Torain will make things interesting - Jeff Legwold

CSG - Notes from the sidelines of Broncos training camp - Frank Schwab

AP - Kyle Orton latest QB to try to escape John Elway's shadow in Denver - Arnie Stapleton

DB - Day 2: Transcripts - Josh McDaniels & Champ Bailey

DP - Xanders knows Vick, so Broncos fans won't
Kiszla responds to emails

BG - Another QB still an option for Patriots
Shanny is apparently heading to Pats camp next; no word on whether his lapdog Bob Slowik is coming along.

HSB - Kicking up a storm - Paul Arnett
Here's a great look back at Jason Elam's college career at Hawaii.

CBS42 - Falcons sign LB Winborn

PFW - Chargers' Jackson likely to avoid '09 suspension
PFW is hearing that Kyle Orton's new mates respect him...

Y! - Tomlinson comes to grips with recent turmoil - Jason Cole

SI - Chiefs' Cassel at ease with role as face of franchise - Don Banks

KCS - Finally, Hall of Fame arrives for Derrick Thomas

KCS - Derrick Thomas’ day of days: Nov. 11, 1990

KCS - Chiefs may find turning wrong to right is hard thing to do - Jason Whitlock

KCS - Chiefs trying to condition players for success

KCS - Chiefs camp buzz | Haley wants consistency from receivers

NFL - Ravens WR Mason ends retirement, joins team in training camp

NFL - Falcons' Pro Bowl WR White skips start of camp over contract

NFL - Vikings QB Jackson will miss time with MCL sprain

NFL - Wilfork plans to stay focused through contract dispute

NFP - Weekend notes: good review for Sanchez - Matt Bowen

NFL - Tomlin, Roethlisberger centers of attention on Steelers' 'attitude day' - Thomas George

NFL - Saints attempting to channel their inner intimidator - Steve Wyche

NFL - Camp tour: Cowboys' Williams has high hopes for 2009 season - Vic Carucci

ESPN - Bus stop: Romo, Ware look sharp - Chris Mortensen

ESPN - Camp confidential: Jets forging new bonds

NYT - Lions Looking in Wrong Places for Offensive Linemen - KC Joyner

FOX - Top NFC East prospects

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