I Don't Get It... Or Do I?

I don't get B-Marsh... I just don't get it.  In fact, nobody here seems to get him either.  His actions don't seem to make a ton of sense to anyone here... or even the MSM for that matter.  With OchoStinko it was clearly about $$.  With Boldin, it is about $$ with some dis-trust of the organization mixed in.  But something that caught me yesterday is that we have made the assumption that this whole deal is about $$$ with B-Marsh, but you can scour the archives and you will not find 1 place where Marshall or the Broncos have ever said that Marsh has requested more money.


So what is this all about?  Could it be about money?  Sure... but if you watched B-Marsh's interview from yesterday, the guy just looked hurt.  I didn't come away from that interview having the sense that he was pressing for more $$$... although who wouldn't want more dough... know what I mean.  I got the sense that Brandon really felt like he was not wanted by the Broncos... and that hurt him.  I think Brandon is tired of being treated like a peice of meat... which, if you ask a NFL veteran, they would say that organizations really do treat thier players like "meat". 

Brandon has stated that the organization hurt him last year by mis-diagnosing his hip injury.  If you where a guy who was struggling with a physical injury... and you repeatedly told the staff about it... but they kept saying "Your fine" and shoved you back out onto the field, when you knew that things were not fine... that would burn you.  Obviously you would get the sense that they really didn't give a rip about you... what you had to say... or your health.  You would come away with a sense that organization just wants to exploit your talents for immediate personal gain... 

Then when you go see a Dr. outside the organization and they share with you that you have a potentially career threatening injury to your hip and that you need a very delicate surgery to repair it, then you start to wonder if you were being roped around the whole time.  What would have happened if Marshall's career would have been over because of the pressure from the top to keep the "beast" on the field, for our playoff push.  The Broncos could absorb his rookie contract, and move on.... but what about Marshall.  His career would be over and his life changed forever. 

If that happened to me, I would request a trade out of the organization... which is exactly what Marshall did.  We have all speculated that it is about $$$, even though that has never been mentioned by Marshall or the Broncos, but I think we have failed to really understand what is going on with him.  He has been demonized by the MSM and a good majority of us here at MHR for being a Diva player (not that we are wrong), but I have never seen an interview where Marshall displayed anything other than humility and authenticity.  Post the link if I am wrong.

Because Brandon feels that the organization doesn't value him, obviously that hurt created a mess when the PR guys told the team not to say that they were happy for Brandon... but say it was good for the organization to be able to get this behind them.  To a guy that already feels like the organization could care less, it must have re-affirmed his view of the organization... right or wrong.  Again, if you watch that interview with the press yesterday, you will see a guy who looks hurt by the organization that he works for. 

I could be wrong... heck, my wife says I'm wrong most of the time, so I am used to it... but I have read alot of posts about B-Marsh and all the comments are about the same.  "Go perform and you will get your money."  "It's your fault that your in this mess."  "Can't get past the rap sheet..."  "Enough of this drama... take a draft pick and ship him out..."  Hello... it's not like this is some great revelation to B-Marsh.  He knows all of this stuff.  But if you don't feel as if the organization values you... why would you put your career, your health, and your future on the line for them.

Obviously this is a one sided view... Marshalls view... but that is what Marshall sees.  He is seeing this whole thing from his perspective, and honestly... Maybe I do kind of understand.

Feel free to dis-agree... in fact I pretty much expect it... but I welcome the discourse and the debate.

Go Broncos!

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