A high degree of optimism and mild concerns

I watched special teams particularly close last night and, again, was not disappointed.  They will win us a ballgame or two and I'm betting the average starting field position for the opposition will be the best the Broncos have seen in a decade.

On critical downs, particularly defending at the goal line, it appears we are getting significant push up the middle.  Give the D more time and we will see some pretty, pretty sacks by the linebackers because of this.

I also watched some of the younger guys, the ones that could or most likely will make the team.  Ayers did some good things, enough to catch my attention a number of times.  By mid-season he could be one of those LBs/DEs making some pretty nasty sacks.  Lee Robinson caught my attention a number of times, especially on special teams.  We could have a real sleeper lurking here.

Lastly, did anyone else notice Matthias # 99?  Had the ball been going in his direction on several of his penetrations there would have been opportunities for some spectacular loses. 

Orton obviously looked significantly improved from the first game.  There is this feeling that McDaniels is focused on developing the timing of the short passing game rather than setting teams up for the big play.  I hope I'm right on this one as there is concern about teams stacking up against our short game, which may have been contributory to at least 2 of last week's interceptions.  You HAVE to go deep to loosen up that secondary or picks are almost a given.

Our running game disappoints so far, but again, this may be due to McDaniel's overall play.  One, we have some injuries at that position that are limiting looks.  Two, why pound our backs in the preseason and risk further injury.  Three, short passing reads and timing in the passing game may be THE offensive priority for Mc Daniels.

Lastly, there is this continually growing respect for the type of coach I sense McDanniels WILL be.  This looks like a well coached team, on both sides of the ball.  Nolan may be quietly doing the best job of finding talent and getting it ready (unbelievably fast in my eyes) of any of the coaches san special teams.  Now that I think about it our special teams coach appears to be doing at least as well.

The bottom line is: The Broncos are fun to watch again, win or lose!

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